Monday, July 11, 2011

To be or not to be (pregnant)

Today is 5dpiui (5 days post IUI) and we're starting to notice "symptoms." It's exciting because I finally have something to write about, BUT we've been through this once before, so we're not getting excited. Instead, I'm going to attempt to rationalize each "symptom" in hopes of preserving my sanity (and Meg's too!)

5. Tired- We spent the weekend at the beach and stayed up late (This means nothing!)

4. Mood swings/irritable-I may have said PMS="putting up with Megan's shit." LOL, I thought it was clever. I then continued to instigate her. She clearly asked me not to touch her and I made up reasons in the grocery store to touch her back, shoulder, arm, etc. (Totally my fault!)

3. Stomach pains/ gassy-This could be a result of eating gelato before bed

2. Empty stomach feeling- She claimed that the rotisserie chicken had a "weird consistency" so she didn't eat all of it on top of her salad (She's obviously still hungry)

And the last one is not for the faint hearted (it grosses me out to even write about, so consider yourself forewarned)...

1. Change in cervical mucus- I had to do some research here...

Turns out that cervical mucus can be an early sign of pregnancy, BUT it's not a reliable indicator as it varies from woman to woman (I guess we'll just have to keep an eye on it).

*Bonus* Sense of smell- Meg walked into her classroom and asked if a kid was pooping. Her other two coworkers (who were sitting in the room) answered no, but Meg insisted that someone was pooping. Needless to say, Meg was right. My explanation is that the two coworkers were sitting amongst the disgustingness for too long and therefore were unable to notice a change in smell..yuck!

I'm definitely not convinced that she is pregnant, but time will tell...

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  1. You are obsessing, lol...but it is ok! :) Remember one day at a time and enjoy every moment because this could be your last few weeks with just you and Meg! :) (that's a good thing, lol)