Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Failed Attempt

We officially have another failed IUI under our belts. I thought the first negative beta was hard to swallow, but today's results....well, they just about crushed us. Fortunately, I had taken lunch up to Meg's work and was with her when the doctor called. My heart was beating so fast that I could barely stand to eavesdrop. And just like that, I heard Meg say, "Ok, thanks for calling," and I knew it was over. Being together helped soften the blow, but we have yet to really process the news (Meg is still at work until 4:30).

You would think that after 7 negative HPTs we would have given up hope and embraced the idea of trying again in August. Instead, we clung to the stories of other women. If they tested positive on day 14, why couldn't we? 

It's so frustrating! We don't know why the last two IUI's have failed. We know Meg has ovulated naturally and physically everything looks great. So, either the timing is off (very unlikely seeing that the doctors brought her in less than 24 hours after her LH surge) or there is a problem with the sperm. 

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