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Lunch Date

Today was the first time Meg and I took Avery out to eat. My allergies limit where we can go, so there really was only one choice...Jules Organic Pizza!

In honor of our lunch date, here are the pictures of the day...

Quick Update/ Picture of the Day

It's hard to believe that it has been 15 days since I last blogged...It's even harder to believe that Avery will be one month old this Sunday!

Over the past 15 days, Avery has: lost her umbilical cord, put on weight, moved into (some) 0-3 month clothing (she's very long!), changed formulas (we're now using Enfamil's Gentlease), slept in her crib (just naps so far), taken road trips, gone shopping, had her first real bath (woo hoo pink tub!), increased her time on her tummy (we're up to at least 10 minutes without fussing now!), AND had her first date! (we're in the process of arranging her marriage...but I'll save that for another day!)

All jokes aside, there never seems to be enough time left in the day to blog, so...I've decided I'm just going to start posting pictures.

Today's picture of the day was taken at my parents' house. Avery had just finished her bottle and was sitting on her Gran's lap. All of the sudden, she made the cut…

Thank you, Mr. President!

Guess who just received a signed letter from President Obama?

This girl...

 cool is this?!

She also received her Social Security card...big day for Avery!

Mother's Day weekend

Meg and I had a relaxing Mother's Day planned. She was going to garden and I was going to watch a horror movie by myself. While we were both able to partake in these activities, they weren't as enjoyable as we had expected.

I don't know if there was a subliminal message in my movie or if Avery just thought acting like a lycan (werewolf) would be cool. Either way, something turned her into a Grumpy Guss! 
She cried off and on all day. The only time she was happy was when we were sitting outside (can't say I blame her on that one...the weather was beautiful).
We changed her diaper, burped her, fed her, changed the name it...we tried it. Nothing worked...

We're convinced that the honeymoon period has ended and Avery is now exhibiting her Diva like behavior...I can't say I'm surprised...I mean, this is the kid that was content to hang out inside Meg indefinitely!
All I have to say is that she's lucky she's cute!!

Here are some pictures fro…

First outing

Yesterday was our first family outing (not counting the pediatrician visit). We ventured out to the garden center in search of some Mother's Day flowers and plants (it was all outdoors...don't worry!).

Avery enjoyed her first ride in her stroller, but eventually started to cry. Thankfully my mom was there to help. She pushed the cart to the checkout counter while I took Meg (and Avery) back to the car.

It was an eventful that left Avery feeling all tuckered out...(don't you love how she sleeps with her arms up in the air??)

P.S. I nicknamed Avery "Scooter" or "Scoot" because she uses her legs and arms to scoot across the pack n play! We put her down in the middle and by morning she's on the side!

First Visit to the Pediatrician

Avery had her first doctor's appointment today. She did well. She didn't gain any weight, but she didn't lose any either (still 6lbs 10 oz).

The doctor told us that she looked great. He said that her "Angel's kiss" (pink mark above her eye) will continue to fade. He also pointed out her "Stork bite" (it's a red mark...kind of looks like a rash...on the back of her neck) and said that too will fade with time. We weren't worried...we didn't even know it existed (it's covered by her hair!)

I think Meg and I were more phased by the appointment than her. She had a wet diaper and they suggested we change her on the community changing table. They had the paper roll to cover the table, but all we could think of was GERMS! Then, there was a little girl who walked way too close and coughed (yuck!) Needless to say, when we got home we took off all of our clothes (and Avery's) and washed all of our hands.

Aside from the germs, the worst part…

One Week Later...

It has been 7 days since the birth of our beautiful little girl and I've already learned so much...Here are the highlights so far...

1. I've learned how to change a wet diaper.

2. Keeping with number 1, I've learned that if I don't change Avery's diaper fast enough or if I try to change her before she fully wakes up Avery will pee on me! (definitely not just a boy thing!)

3. I've learned how to change a poopy diaper.

4. Keeping with number 3, I've learned that Avery can (and will) projectile poop if I don't change her diaper fast enough (happened twice so far!)

5. I've learned how to swaddle Avery (Meg is still much better at this than I am!)

6. I've learned how to make a bottle.

7. I've learned how to burp Avery..I'm kind of an expert!

8. I've learned how to tell when Avery is hungry (she does this weird thing with her tongue...Meg calls it rooting...I call it "Barney Crouch-ing"...after the guy in Harry Potter Goblet of F…

The Birth

Rewind to last Wednesday...
Meg and I arrived at the hospital a little after 6pm. The nurse registered Meg and hooked her up to monitors to track Meg's contractions and Avery's heartbeat. The OB came in shortly after 8pm and inserted the Cervidil to help ripen Meg's cervix (and start Avery's eviction process). 
Meg was put on bed rest for 2 hours in order to allow the Cervidil time to work...we watched Survivor, Modern Family, and some new show with James Van der Beek (also known as DAWSON!!!) We tried to go to bed, but Meg had a really hard time falling asleep (the Cervidil brought on cramping) So...we rocked in the rocking chair and watched some more tv. 
The next morning, the OB came in (around 8 o'clock) to remove the Cervidil and hook Meg up to an IV. They also broke Meg's water (she said it felt like she was peeing her pants).
Meg was told that she could walk around, bounce on an exercise ball, or use the jacuzzi tub while she labored. Meg opted for the e…


Avery is barely 2 days old and is already a heartbreaker! Don't believe me...check out her newborn pictures...

Oh...I almost forgot...did you check out the new logo at the top of Wiegand Writes?!?! (Avery's Aunt Trish designed it..she also did the first one!)

It's still so hard to believe the trying to conceive journey has ended...BUT we're so excited for all of the adventures to come!

The moment you've all been waiting for...

I promise to blog about the birth in detail later, but for now, I thought I'd give you the abridged version.

Our beautiful daughter, Avery, was born on May 3rd, 2012 at 8:55pm (FINALLY!). She weighed 6 lbs 10 oz and was 20 inches long.

Megan and Avery are both doing well and hope you enjoy the pictures (I'll post more soon!)

Thank you for all of your love and support!


FINALLY!!! It was only a matter of time before we heard some good news...

Today, Meg had her 41 week appointment. They took us back to exam room 3...hooked her up to the monitors for a nonstress test. Avery was very active and looked great. Meg even had 3 minor contractions. Unfortunately Meg showed no progress in terms of dilation.

Are you ready for the good news??? The doctor said, "It's time."

We are scheduled to go to the hospital tonight at 6. There, we will be greeted by one of our favorite doctors. She will give Meg Cervidil to help ripen her cervix (and will hopefully calm Meg's nerves...she's good like that!)

Tomorrow morning another doc will come in to check Meg's progress. She will most likely break Meg's water and administer Pitocin.

Avery will hopefully be born on May 3rd and follow in the footsteps of her family (Meg-November 3, Uncle Eddie-October 3rd, Grandpop-September 3rd, Cousin Ryleigh-January 3rd)

As our dogs play on the floor and as …