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It's a...

We had our ultrasound at 9:00 this morning. It was such an amazing experience. We were able to watch the baby move and listen to the heartbeat (Avery got to pick out a stuffed animal which plays the baby's heartbeat when she hugs it...she chose a frog!)

We did NOT look when the two ultrasound technicians looked to identify the gender. We told them we didn't want to know and that we were having a party.

We brought two baby painted baby pink and the other painted baby blue. The technician put the correct pumpkin in a box and discarded the other.

At 3:00, Avery opened the box in front of our friends and family.

Here is a video from the reveal..

And here is a video from the ultrasound...

Last, but not least, here are a few pictures...


It's official...the world knows!

14 week update

It's been a chaotic couple of weeks. It started when we found out that we needed to switch ob's. (Our previous ob doesnt offer evening hours and with my new job I can't afford to leave early) 
We had a hard time trying to get an appointment with the new OB...being a new patient blows!
We had to wait so long that Meg actually went back to RMA for an ultrasound.
I wasn't able to go, but Meg text me this picture. The doctor hugged her and told her that everything looked great.

On Tuesday, Meg went to the new OB. (She is 14 weeks pregnant today.) She  listened to the heartbeat (fast and strong) and scheduled our 20 week ultrasound (November 12th.)
Ready for the fun news? We are going to a private ultrasound practice on October 12 at 9am. We are then having a gender reveal party later that day at 2:30pm!!!
We aren't doing the typical cake reveal. I have something else up my sleeve! 
Other exciting news...
We are getting professional fall announcement pictures this Saturday.