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Heads up-good luck?!

I was on point with documenting our IUI, but moving monopolized our time and delayed my post...
Rewind to this rainy Memorial Day...our appointment was at 8:30. We arrived early and checked in. The girls ate breakfast and played on our phones. They called Meg back to verify the donor's number before they would thaw the sperm. We waited for what seemed like the longest 20 minutes EVER!
We had to verify the donor's number again while waiting in the room. The nurse told us that our vial had 100 million sperm with 40% motility (we had 60 million with 40% motility with Avery and 100 million with 30% motility with Harper) The nurse gave Meg a sheet and told her to hop onto the table.
While waiting for the doctor I maintained tradition and said, "This is it. Don't get scared now!" Meg laughed. 
The doctor walked in and had us state our donor's number one last time. She asked what we were up to. We told her we were moving and sure enough it was over.
We waited and relaxed…

Where did the time go?!

Today was moving day...we were so busy that Meg had to go to the doctors by herself...
She was a good sport and took a selfie to document the appointment.

The visit went well. Her eggs grew bigger (21mm+) and her uterine lining was 10.7mm. The doc said she anticipated insemination tomorrow, but would confirm after she received the results from the bloodwork.

Turns out she was right. Tomorrow is the big day! 
We have been so preoccupied with packing and moving that this cycle flew by! I hope that the next 11 days do the same and end with another big fat positive!

Getting close!

Harper is totally intrigued by this entire process. She must have remembered me taking pictures at the last appointment because today she asked to help (I've trained her well!) 

Today was the first time Dr. Castlebaum met Harper. Their interactions were cute. She couldn't stop staring at the monitor and he totally ate it up. 
He tried to engage Avery, but she was too preoccupied with YouTube kids. She's also going through this phase where she's easily creeped out. 
As far as the ultrasound went, everything looked great. Meg has two large follicles on her left side. The one measured 16mm.

We go back on Sunday. We could inseminate as early as Monday, but most likely it will be Tuesday or Wednesday! We are so close!

Here we go again...

I promised Megan that I would make a valiant effort to start blogging again...It's taken a while for us to get back to this point...Meg has wanted to try for a while. I don't know what held me back. I feel like it was a combination of Harper's allergies and the overall fear of disappointment from a failed IUI. 
Regardless, I'm happy to announce that Meg and I took the girls to RMA this morning. 

It was the strangest feeling! It felt like we never left, but it has been almost 4 years since we tried to conceive Harper!!!
They did bloodwork and an internal ultrasound. Everything looked great. Meg has 22 follicles. We go back next Friday!
Hard to believe that we could be adding another shadow!