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Day 26

Today, Harper had her first REAL bath! 

Counting back (fell behind on my daily updates)

Day 25: Harper finally lost her umbilical cord!

Day 24:  We played outside on our new playground..

Day 23:
Harper's first outing! We had breakfast with Gran at the West Ave Grille

Day 22: We hung outside while Avery tried out her new climber
Day 21: 3 weeks old!

Day 20: Tummy time is so tiring
Day 19: Relaxing and recuperating from Easter!

Day 18: Harper's first Easter! (Avery's second)
Day 17: Harper's first trip to Target!
Day 16: We dyed Easter eggs.

Day 16

Day 16: Today, Harper went back for yet another weight check. She is 7 lbs and no longer has to be checked!
The girls had fun hanging at Gran's house and dying Easter eggs with Meg's fam!
Avery even helped bake my birthday cake!

Day 15

Day 15: Today, I slept ALL day. Avery had a play date with Maddie, Gabby, and Jack!

Day 13 and Day 14 (2 weeks old already!)

Day 13: Today, we played in the playroom together!

Day 14: 2 Weeks old!!
Today, we smiled a lot. We took our two week pictures and visited the Easter bunny!!

Catching up on days

Day 5: Harper went to the pediatrician. She weighed 6 lbs 2 oz
The girls did some stretches together on the floor.

Day 6:
We went for our first walk as a family of four and met cousin will and Joanna! (We also celebrated mommy's birthday)

Day 7: Harper turned one week old!

Day 8: Harper smiles..a lot!
Day 9: Played on the floor...again
Day 10: Harper goes back to the pediatrician for a weight recheck.
6 lbs 7 oz
Day 11:
We rocked our matching vans sneakers
Day 12:
The girls hung out with Mia, Aunt Paff, and Uncle Matt
We took a walk to Rita's.

A year in the lives of Avery and Harper

I've been thinking a lot recently about something special I can do now that Harper is here.
I've decided that I'm going to take pictures of the girls each day so that I can document their first year together.
If all goes as planned, I'll have a nice memory book to print and share with them when they're older.
Here goes nothing:
Day 1:
Avery meets her little sister, Harper!

Day 2:
Avery holds baby Harper for the first time!

Day 3:
Avery introduces Harper to her new home!

Day 4: Avery gives Harper a big kiss and holds her hand during her first sponge bath!