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6.5 weeks

The baby is about the size of an ant. It was very difficult to find this week's Disney character, but thanks to eBay we now own Flik (from A Bug's Life)

Added bonus...I found a few pictures from when we went to Disney and met Flik in Animal Kingdom!!

Harper was too afraid to go near Flik, but she did pose with Baloo and King Louie

She was so little!!


I just realized that I never blogged after our last appointment!!!
We saw the heartbeat!!! It was amazing. I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to record during the appointment, but I did it anyway...enjoy!

Baby #3 and his/her fetal pole

The proud big sisters!

Updates: We are waiting for our special figurine to arrive to take our next weekly photograph. 
We received a voicemail from Dr. Castlebaum Friday evening congratulating us and saying that he sent a message to our OB saying "we won again." He also said he missed our family and hopes to see us for one ultrasound before we graduate...Reason 1,572,864 why we love him!!!
Meg started a new medicine..diclegis...she takes one at bedtime and it helps her morning (all day) sickness. She still has bouts of nausea, but it is much more manageable now! 
We go back to the doctors Friday, August 4!

Pregnancy Photos

I've decided to take our weekly pregnancy pictures in a different direction this time around. Instead of using food, the girls will be using Disney characters.
Week 5...
We are filled with JOY that the first ultrasound went well. The baby is the size of a sesame seed (0-4mm) 

I will post week 6 picture after our ultrasound on Thursday! I'll make sure to get a picture of Meg too...she's struggling to function lately! 

First Ultrasound

This morning we had our first ultrasound for baby 3...we saw the gestational sac and yolk sac. The doctor says everything looks perfect! 

The doctor just called with Meg's bloodwork. Her hcg is up to 20,201 and her progesterone is at 20. We go in for our next ultrasound next Thursday. We will hopefully get to see the heartbeat (fingers crossed!)
Megan is feeling pretty sick these days. It's different than with the girls. She has an overwhelming feeling of nausea and terrible acid reflux. 
We are heading to the beach tomorrow. Should be a fun weekend!

Sharing the news

Avery and Harper have been to every doctor's appointment (except the recent IUI). They keep asking for updates (they have been telling people that there is a baby in Meg's belly for weeks). 
Meg had today off. We coined today Family Fun Day! We took the girls bowling for the first time. We ate lunch at the mall, made friends at Build a Bear, napped, went swimming and played games. We also shared the actual news with them today...

Second Beta

History:Meg's 2nd beta with Avery was 651 (from 258). Her Progesterone dropped so they had us go in for a third beta. With Harper, her second beta was 783. 
Present: Meg went to RMA first more bloodwork this morning. They just called back. Her progesterone is 25.2 and her hcg was either 1582 or 1852 (Megan can't remember) 
Symptoms: Meg threw up at work the other day. Since then. she has been feeling really blah and has a constant feeling of nausea. She's also physically exhausted and has sore boobs. Good times!!! 
We have our first ultrasound a week from today! (Next Thursday) 
We haven't told the girls yet. It's only a matter of time!

Updated history

I took the time to quickly update our history this morning, but I didn't have a chance to post pictures.
Here are a few from tonight...In honor of today's news, Meg needed a new pregnancy survival kit! 

I took the girls into the pool after school. Myles helped to supervise...

It's official...again!

Meg's beta came back at 262. Progesterone was 26.2.
She also had her first bout of morning sickness today. Hopefully this means we have another "healthy" baby on our Grammy told Megan (while pregnant with Avery) that morning sickness is a good thing because it means the baby is healthy. 
I'm assuming Meg will go back in two days for a second beta, but I haven't heard that yet.

Still pregnant

Today is Day 13. Meg just used the last of our pregnancy tests to confirm that she's still pregnant. The line is undoubtedly darker!

We have the blood test scheduled for tomorrow morning. 
With Avery, Meg's first beta was 258. Her Progesterone was 23. With Harper, Meg's first beta was 191. Her Progesterone was 19. 
I'm interested to find out where our numbers fall this time around. Fingers crossed for a healthy baby and doubling numbers!!

Everything is better when you're at the beach

Four years ago Megan and I brought Avery to Ocean City, New Jersey for a mini family vacation. There, we tested positive (on Day 10) with Harper. We were surrounded by friends and family and minus the fact that Avery got her first bad ear infection and the trip ended with us in a NJ emergency room, it was perfect.
Today is Day 10 and again we are in Ocean City with family and friends. We went to bed REALLY late. I had a hard time falling asleep and when I did I had dreams about testing. Harper just woke me up to go to the bathroom (she rarely does that). It's 3:20AM Megan just took a pregnancy test and the results are in...