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A New Donor??

When we initially chose a donor, we chose someone without prior pregnancies. It wasn't the reason we chose him, but (as dumb as it might sound) we weren't sure how we felt about our child having brothers and sisters out in the world. 

So yea, now we're here, back at square one and we can't help but think the sperm is the problem. 

Before our last IUI, the doctor told us that the sample had 50 million sperm with 40% motility. I read that anything less than 60% is low motility, but I don't know how that equates to frozen specimen. No worries, I'm going to do some research...

After about our 6th negative HPT, I started going onto CCB's (California Cryobank) site and looking for other donors. I couldn't find one.

I then stumbled on to Fairfax Cryobank's website. At Fairfax, the have a face-matching program where you can upload a picture of yourself and it will generate a list of donors with similar features. It's far from an exact science (I uploaded different pictures and would receive different results). But, for the most part, the same matches continued to come up. 

Our CCB donor looks nothing like me. He has dark brown eyes and brown hair. He's Scottish and Welsh. The Fairfax replacement donor has blue eyes, and blonde, wavy hair. He's a mix of German, Czechoslavakian, Irish, and I believe, English. He has a big smile which makes his eyes squint (sound familiar?) and a great personality. Oh, and best of all, he has reported pregnancies. 

I can't say that I like him anymore than our original donor, but I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Perhaps we were meant to choose a donor that resembles me, so that when people say "he has your smile," we can say "yea, he kind of does." 

Hey, third time's a charm, right?!?


  1. We're thinking about changing our donor as well. Tomorrow we test (this is our third attempt), and I have lost any sense of hope that I'm pregnant.....I say definately switch it up :-)

  2. Good Luck!!! I'm so nervous to switch. It's a big risk. What if we get someone and his levels are inadequate. What bank have you guys been using?

    Wouldn't it be funny if we were using the same donor?? I would totally switch then! (seeing that we're both struggling to get pregnant)

    I'll be thinking of you today...keep me posted on the test.

  3. We're using California Cryobank....our donor is a very nice young man studying to be a chiropractor. He probably works at Burger King now LOL .....not pregnant this time....


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