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Well, we had a good run. We made it nearly 14 months without a band aid.

Like every toddler Avery seems to be a human wrecking ball. She runs into things, scrapes her knees, hits her head, and does things that make Meg and I cringe.

BUT, she just gets up and goes back to whatever it was that she was doing. All the while totally unfazed.

Today, she actually cried when she skinned her knee. It was heartbreaking, but we handled it in stride.

Mickey Mouse came to the rescue!

In other news, Avery learned how to say "Bye" today. It's adorable.

Hard to believe

It's hard to believe that my last post was written in December. So much has happened. I don't even know where to begin. 
I guess I should start by saying that we were able to secure 3 vials from our original donor. (people sold them back to the cryobank)

Since December,

Avery learned to walk (9.5 months)

She started talking. To date her vocabulary consists of: Hi, Kitty, Up, Help, Bubbles, Bailey and Heiney (our dogs), Ipad (she's obsessed), baby, belly, Jack (her main squeeze), Poppop, Barney (she loves that stupid purple dinosaur) and happy (she said shit a couple of times, but we squashed that early on!)

We joined the Philadelphia Zoo.

We visited Sesame Place.

We celebrated Avery's First Christmas and First Easter.

We celebrated my 30th birthday (Meg through me a surprise party)

We celebrated Avery's First Birthday (65 adults + 20 kids with an awesome Minnie Mouse Clubhouse theme)

Avery tried cake. She hated it!

She has 8 teeth...she's working on 2 molars.