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Not So Crabby

Despite getting another BFN (big fat negative) this morning, Meg and I were able to enjoy today's crabbing trip.

We packed lunches and drove to Belmar, NJ with my Papa, my cousin Lauren and her friend, Seamus. We boarded the boat a little after 11:30 and didn't get home until after 5!

Meg was a little apprehensive (she was worried she would get seasick), but she did great. She had such a great time. She even put the bait on her own lines (gross, right?) and caught about 20 of the 30 crabs!!! (beginners luck!)

We took a boat ride on the ocean. I almost died (not really, but I did wipe out and fall to the bottom of the boat...twice!) Meg couldn't stop laughing.

Papa threw down the anchor so we could all go for a swim. Naturally, I freaked out (it was really shallow and I didn't want to touch the bottom!!!) BUT, it was fun.

We crabbed some more before heading home. Meg was netting crabs left and right and the all of the sudden I heard something. I turned around and she was in the water. SHE FELL OVERBOARD!!! Fortunately, she didn't get hurt! (go can laugh. we did!)

All in all, I'd say we had a pretty good day. It was good to get away and get out of our heads for a couple of hours.

Of course, it only lasted until we got back into the car to come home and Meg told me she was having cramps. I'm hoping it doesn't mean AF ("aunt flow") is on her way.

We bought more pregnancy tests and will test again tomorrow. Cross your fingers...


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