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Feeding and other updates

More and more people are waiting to feed their babies cereal and solids. Meg and I were planning on waiting until 6 months, but life happened. I didn't post anything when we first started because I figured we were going to take a lot of flak, BUT we haven't hidden anything else, so why start now.

We started feeding Avery one tablespoon of rice cereal (BY SPOON) around dinner time a little over a week ago. Our biggest reason for doing so was to help her sleep through the night. While we realize that sleeping through the night is a developmental thing and is different for all babies, it seems as though Avery needs more food than we can physically get in her belly during the day (every time we try to increase her ounces we see an increase in the amount and frequency of spit up)

At first, Avery was a little skeptical because she didn't know what the hell to do with the spoon and I think the consistency freaked her out. Fortunately, Meg has years of experience feeding babies an…

New Discoveries

While Meg and I have been busy trying to organize and prepare our lives for the upcoming school year, Avery has been busy trying to explore the world.

She still has a long way to go, but the following are two videos of Avery's newest discovery...(word to the wise...turn the sound off!)

It's truly amazing how much she has grown. She's not even 4 months old and she's becoming mobile. It's scary. 
Even more scary is the fact that she has started teething. She's been an irritable, drooly mess...teething tablets seem to help, but the relief is only temporary. Tylenol helps cut the edge, but hasn't helped her sleep comfortably. She's only been able to nap 30 minutes (sometimes less) and she has been up for several hours during the middle of the night for the past two nights. 
We can feel the bump, so it's just a matter of the tooth breaking through...we're hoping it happens soon.
I'll keep you posted!

Belly Laughs/ Day with Gran

Avery is starting to develop a belly laugh...This video is amazing. I could listen/watch it for hours!

Meg, Avery, and I spent today with my mom. We went shopping at the mall, out to lunch, and then ran a few errands. Here are a few pictures from today's excursions...

Gran was on duty while Meg and I shopped for coordinating outfits (we're having our pictures taken this weekend)...This picture came out perfect!

Avery slept while we enjoyed lunch...

And then it was her turn...

By the time we got back into the car, it was time for a diaper change...which turned into a full wardrobe change...Avery thought it was hilarious!

Last stop (before a nap at Gran's house) was Sam's club...we were in dire need of some economy sized formula.

An Awful, horrendous, no fun, very lousy day

We were going to have pizza last night with a friend, but Avery had an unexpected meltdown. We tried to console her, but it didn't work. We eventually had to ask our friend to leave. It was an awful, horrendous, no fun, very lousy day.

We were going to go to bed early and get a good night sleep, but Avery woke up every hour crying. Her eyes were closed each time, so it was easy to put her back was an awful, horrendous, no fun, very lousy end to the day.

We were supposed to go to a house warming party this afternoon, but Avery's night left us feeling very tired. Worse, Avery woke up super congested. It was an awful, horrendous, no fun, very lousy start to today.

I think we need to fly to London...

The doctor said Avery needed to drink more formula. We tried to feed her more, but Avery refused to drink. Apparently phlegm and formula don't mix. What an awful, horrendous, no fun, very lousy day!

The doctor told us to use Saline drops and an aspirator to suck out…

3 months!

Today is Avery's 3 month birthday. It is also the one year anniversary from the third time we inseminated...("Third time's a charm!")

The number 3 continues to be a lucky number as Avery decided today would be a good day to roll over from her back to her tummy and then again from her tummy to back!

Here are her 3 month photos...

And here is a video...she's such a ham!

13 weeks

Avery is 13 weeks today. She's as cute as ever, but has been having some issues recently...Nothing serious...

She just hasn't been sleeping well for about a month now (It could be A LOT worse, but we have to put her back to sleep several times each night) We figured maybe she was hungry. We tried increasing her formula, but she became gassy and started spitting up. She also started refusing bottles.
We finally broke down and called our pediatrician to ask for advice...

Surprisingly, he didn't come back with his typical response..."Sugar Water!" This warranted something better...ready for the big guns??? "Whiskey and tylenol!" (he thinks she is teething)

Needless to say, we're going to ignore his old school advice and just continue to take things day to day. Avery will figure it out...(she figured out how to sleep with her arms unswaddled!)

In the meantime, we're going to continue to shower this little girl with all of the love we can possibly of…