Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I know it's been a few days since I last blogged, so I just wanted to give you an update...

Meg and I have been busy getting ready for the new school year (she came to school with my mom and I and organized my classroom library!!) She's still feeling nauseous and doesn't seem to have much of an appetite. She claims that it's all worth it, so that's a good sign!

Friday is our next ultrasound appointment...I think we're supposed to hear the heartbeat, so that's exciting! With only 2-4 weeks left at RMA we're running out of time to find an obgyn.

This afternoon I spoke with a receptionist from a doctor's office affiliated with a brand new hospital opening in November. It's only 17 minutes from our house, so it's perfect AND it's located in NJ, so my name can go on the birth certificate at the time of the birth. BONUS!

The receptionist was really nice. She told me that there are 6 doctors and 4 midwives in the practice and that they would see Meg anywhere between 8-10 weeks. While I've heard of many people who love midwives, Meg and I are opting for a doctor.

Assuming we schedule an appointment in advance, we won't have any layover between doctors and appointments, which means less worrying on my part!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

An Awful Night

I suppose I should preface this blog by stating that my mom and dad invited us to stay at their house during the hurricane (we always lose power and our yard typically floods). That being said, we decided to brave the storm on our own...a decision that almost led to my demise.

I figured Meg would be more comfortable sleeping in her own bed and I didn't want to have to chase after Heineken all night, but mostly I wanted to investigate whether the new gutter I bought (and installed) for my next door neighbor would rectify the flooding issue.

So yea, Meg and I rented Something Borrowed. It was cute! We then decided to use Hurricane Irene to our advantage. We went upstairs to clean out our closets. We had every intention of making our way into the second bedroom (seems weird to refer to it as the nursery), but around 9pm we lost power. Tired, we decided it was time for bed.

Ok, let me just set the scene...Meg and I tend to run our air conditioning cooler than the average family...we like to be able to cocoon ourselves at night. We also sleep with a fan all year long (it's our version of a noise maker). So, without these things, it was a miracle that we were even able to fall asleep.

It was short lived though because I woke up at quarter to midnight hot!!! (you know the kind of hot where you have to throw all of your covers on the floor!) I wish I hadn't because I woke Meg up. And let me tell you that was a mistake! She woke up miserable...apparently nausea and lack of air circulation can aggravate pregnant women to the point where you contemplate calling a priest. (Seriously, she was 5 minutes away from a spinning head)

The first thing out of her mouth was, "I knew we should have taken your parents up on their offer. It was stupid to stay here." It was as if she thought I teamed up with mother nature so as to torture her!!

I suggested we go downstairs (you know...warm air rises?) I even offered to bring the mattress down, so she wouldn't have to sleep on the couch. Of course she had to add her two cents..."I'd rather not! I'm not going to be able to sleep anyway."

I have to give her some credit though..despite her foul mood, she acknowledged that I'm about 5 inches taller and offered me the big couch. I declined and set up camp on the love seat. Never again!

Ok, back to my was only 71 degrees downstairs...far from hot (quite comfortable actually) but Meg wouldn't stop flipping out. I told her that she needed to calm down. I even asked her if she wanted me to fan her with paper or blow on her, lol, I was dead serious!

Instead I put a cool rag on her neck. At this point, I'm telling myself that her attitude is because she's pregnant  (I was trying not to get mad at her) It got so bad that I started saying, "yep, that's going on the blog" That only pissed her off more. (If only I could remember half of it!!!)

Then Meg started to get sick...really sick. I offered her a banana (they seem to settle her nausea) but she couldn't stomach the idea. Instead, she ate a peanut butter bar, munched on a few cheerios and tried a little bit of applesauce (not at the same time, of course). She even sipped some organic soda, but nothing was working.

Can you picture this? We were hot. It was dark (and silent). The dog was barking at the shadows from the flashlight and Meg was hugging the porcelain express. Ugh, it was awful!

I don't know how, but we managed to get a few hours of sleep before waking up to tend to the animals. Meg is OK. She's mellow (kind of "blah") but I guess that's to be expected. She doesn't have much of an appetite, but managed to hold down a plain bagel (dry).

As for me, well, it's only a matter of time before I succumb to the exhaustion.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Not your average breakfast

Meg and I woke up early so we could hit whole foods for breakfast and buy chocolate chips (Meg is going to bake cookies!) We were a little early, so we decided to wait in the car. When people started rushing the door, Meg and I thought we should follow suit...I've never seen anything like it. There had to be 30+ people anxiously awaiting the store opening.

Naturally, I started cracking jokes and embarrassing Megan. The guy in front of us thought my black friday comparison was hilarious. Meg did not. lol, she also didn't appreciate my shopping cart popawheelie. Note to's not a good idea to piss off a pregnant woman before she eats breakfast!!!

When the doors finally opened a mass of people rushed to fill their recyclable water jugs. Meg and I headed towards the fruit and then made our way towards the breakfast bar (clearly our priorities had nothing to do with preparing for the impending hurricane).

We picked out an apple danish and breakfast sandwich to share. All of the sudden Meg asked if they had deli pickles. I scoped it out and bought two. I'm thinking I should have bought more because when we sat down to eat breakfast Meg cracked open the deli pickle container. EWW!!!

I know. I know. You're probably thinking, get used to it Jen, it's only going to get worse. (I'm sort of afraid)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Ultrasound

Had I known that Meg wouldn't remember her blood results moments after speaking to the doctor, I would have blogged hours ago...(beta ??; progesterone is holding strong at 15)

Today was our first ultrasound and I have to admit that, up until this point, I was excited, but still in total disbelief. I don't know how to explain it. We have had 4 positive pregnancy tests and several blood tests that confirmed it, but I guess I needed to see it in order to believe it.

Here is our first picture (I've been dying to post it!)...

If you're like my mom, you're probably thinking it looks like a watermelon seed, but the dark oval is the gestational sac (where the baby develops). You can also see the yolk sac (the small white circle in the upper left of the sac), which is the source of nutrients for the fetus.

All in all, Doc says everything looks perfect and it was exactly what she wanted to see. Our next appointment is Friday, September 2nd.

Time to celebrate and recreate our first date...indoor picnic with pasta, garlic bread, and salad! 

Happy Anniversary, Meg! I love you!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

5 weeks

Today I received an email notification from babycenter stating that our baby is 5 weeks old and roughly the size of a sesame seed. It went on to say that the baby's brain is beginning to grow.

I can't wait for tomorrow's ultrasound! I know we won't be able to see much of anything, but at least we'll be able to figure out this twin madness once and for all!

As for Meg, she's sound asleep (making it the second night in a row where she's gone to bed before 8pm)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Just writing to say that I hope everyone is safe and sound and enjoying the beautiful day despite the earthquake...

Meg and I are fine. Neither of us felt it, but we actually took a ride to Meg's parents' house because her brother called frantic (his cell phone stopped working and he couldn't get a hold of them) Turns out t-mobile had an epic fail today...guess landlines are important after all!!

To be honest, I feel as though the majority of people hyped it up only after reading tweets and facebook statuses..seems like everyone I know has changed their facebook status to something quake's kind of annoying.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that so many places were able to evacuate safely, but I'm just cranky.

I've been trying to help out more and take care of Meg for a change, but I'm convinced that there aren't enough hours in the day!!!

Our relationship used to operate on an 80/20 scale...Meg did 80% of the work and my 20% consisted of vacuuming, cooking, sweeping the floors/stairs, taking out the trash, cutting the grass, and occasionally emptying the dishwasher.

We're now operating at 60/40...I seriously don't know how she does it! I guess I should just leave it at...we make a great team!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Third Beta

The doctor just called with the results of Meg's third beta...her hcg was 2188 and her progesterone was 16 (On Friday her hcg level was 651 and her progesterone was 15) Doc says everything looks fantastic!!!

We go in for our first ultrasound Thursday morning at 7:15 (Happy 8 year anniversary to us!!!)

It's hard to believe...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Feeling Crappy

Today was the first time we saw Meg's parents (since telling them about the pregnancy). Meg and I were both a little apprehensive as we had not heard from her dad.

Meg's parents met us at the door, but Meg had to run in to get a banana (she was feeling a little queasy). With a chunk of banana in her mouth, she kissed her dad and said, "hi." Her dad hugged her and said congratulations. Before we could sit down her mom asked if we were having a boy or girl. Meg laughed and said it is too soon to tell. Clearly they were excited.

We played a card game called 5 crowns...I annihilated everyone!!! (I can say this proudly because I always lose!) Meg's parents asked questions randomly. Meg thought it was a little awkward, but I found it comforting to finally have an open conversation with them.

We went to dinner at whole foods. There we discovered that Meg's dad's family has a history of, go figure...if we are meant to have twins, then so be it.

The ride home was awful. Not only were there torrential downpours, but Meg felt really sick. She thought she was going to throw up (she burped and a little came up...gross, right?!) but she also said she might need to stop and use the bathroom. I had her sip on ginger ale and tried to distract her.

When we got home Meg ran right into the bathroom. Apparently pregnancy makes you feel like you're going to have diarrhea, but when you try, you can't. How horrible is that?!?!

Meg put on pajamas and curled up on the couch. She munched on a plain, dry bagel and finished the ginger ale. She watched a little bit of Independence Day before asking if we could go upstairs.

So yea, it's 7:15 and Meg's going to bed...


Here is a list of things that agitated Meg yesterday:
  • Me
  • Loud Chatty People ("I can't think or enjoy my caesar salad because he won't stop talking!!!")
  • People who take 100 pictures of their food/lunch (same guy as up above)
  • Cashiers that crush groceries
  • People who have pitchforks and hay in their pick up
  • People who go to McDonalds (sorry if that offends anyone!)
  • People who brake too much
  • People who walk too slow in grocery stores
  • Taking too long of a nap (me)
  • Did I mention me?
Today should be interesting...

Friday, August 19, 2011


So, Meg decided to tell her mom last night. She was a nervous wreck and insisted on making the phone call before driving home (she couldn't wait any longer). I grabbed my keys and started driving towards her work!!!

A few minutes later Meg called. She wasn't crying. She sounded relieved. I asked her how it went and what she said. Turns out she told her mom not to say anything at first and to just think things over (smart move on her part).

Her first question was, of course, "How?" Meg briefly explained the process and told her mom that she is 4 weeks pregnant. Her mom said congrats and that she would pass the news onto Meg's dad and brother.

She was definitely surprised, but she didn't yell or say anything judgmental...Meg and I concluded that it was the best response we could have hoped for!

This morning Meg and I went back to the doctors for our second beta. We were sitting in the waiting room when Meg realized she had two text messages: one from her brother saying, "so I hear I'm going to be an uncle...congratulations!" and the other from her mom saying, "can you please call me when you get a sec?" Meg started freaking out.

I reassured her that nothing was wrong and that it could be completely unrelated. A few moments later the nurse called Meg back. We were sitting in the room waiting for the nurse to draw Meg's blood when our doctor walked in and said, "well?" I told him that it worked and said, "I just want to hug you!" He opened his arms and gave me two giant hugs and then proceeded to hug Megan (who was practically in a high chair with a needle about to stick her arm!!)

He asked about her numbers and the nurse practitioner said they looked fantastic. She then asked how many follicles Meg had and he said, "I don't remember." Lol, he cracks me up. The nurse practitioner told us she would call with the second beta results later today and that we would most likely come back in next week for an ultrasound to see if there was one or two. "I'm sorry what did you just say," I asked. I walked out of the office shrieking. "Twins? She thinks there is a possibility that we're having twins??" Meg said that it would be a blessing...I'm still freaking out.

Meg called her mom when we got in the car (she put it on speakerphone so I could listen). Her mom sounded fine. She asked if she could tell Meg's Aunt and Grandmom. Meg said, "Of course." She then said, "I'm glad you didn't keep this from us. We want to be a part of it."

The conversation concluded with Meg's mom saying that she is going to hold onto Meg's niece's clothing in case we have a girl. My heart just melted.

What a relief!

The doctor called about an hour ago and told us that Meg's beta jumped from 258 to 651! (16dpo) Her progesterone declined a little bit to 15, but the doctor said there was no reason for concern (as it is still well above 10)

I, (panicking), made Megan call back and double check whether it was truly okay for us to continue the natural cycle. The doctor reassured Meg that progesterone levels do not increase like the hcg, but can vary from day to day until leveling off. Meg laughed and apologized for my behavior. Our next appointment is Monday at 7! Whoops!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I couldn't take it any longer. I had to tell my mom. I thought about finding some clever way to share the news, but blurting it out seemed like the best option (I'm not good with surprises!). "Mom, I have to tell you something before I explode...Meg is pregnant."

She almost spit out her banana! She paused for a second and said, "What." So, I told her again..."Megan is pregnant." "Ok," she responded, but "How?"

I giggled and said, "We bought sperm!" "You mean you just went to a store and picked up sperm?" she asked. "No, we ordered it on the internet!"

She asked how Meg was feeling and if anyone else knew. She then told me to start picking out a boy's name (everyone around us seems to be pregnant with girls).

After about a half hour of talking I had to leave to go meet a friend for breakfast, but I decided to text my mom and thank her for being supportive. She called me back crying. I asked her why she was crying and she told me, "This is great. We needed this."

Dad text me later on saying, "Is it true? Am I really going to be a grandpa? I owe you both a big hug. You're going to make awesome parents. Love you"

Talk about a great way to start your day!!! After breakfast, I drove 40 minutes to catch Meg on her lunch break...I needed to see her smile and give her a hug.

I then went to share the news with my Nana and my aunt. Again, I was greeted with "how?" Mom and I just laughed.

It's been an emotional day. I'm absolutely exhausted.

I'm very fortunate to have such a loving and supportive family. I just hope we get the same reaction from Meg's family...stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


As if driving over an hour to come see us wasn't enough, my best friend felt the need to bring Meg and I a present. I hate surprises, so I made Meg open the box...

She made a onesie for our baby!!

Jealous?!?! Don't be...I'll hook you up. (she has other designs too!)

She's seriously amazing...wait until you see the mural she's going to paint in the nursery!!!

It's Official!

After 4 positive pregnancy tests and a strong beta, it's official...Meg is pregnant!

As far as the numbers go, her first beta was 258 and her progesterone was 23. Our next appointment is Friday at 7:30! So far, so good.

Here's how everyone is handling the news...

Pretty is hiding in the closet!
Bailey is ready to be a "big brother"

Heineken doesn't know how to contain himself!

We're ecstatic! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Meg used the last of our pregnancy tests this morning. What?!? It's fun when you know it's going to be positive!!! We're both very anxious to go to the doctor tomorrow and get this show on the road...did I mention how much I hate waiting?!?!

Last night we spent about an hour rummaging through the closet in the guest room. Meg made piles of what to donate, what to get rid of, and what to sell (we're planning on having a garage sale, but if that fails, we're taking it to my family's consignment shop) Either way, it's leaving the house!! 

My best friend is coming over for dinner tonight. She's an amazing artist and wants to take a peek at the future nursery. I'm just excited to see her (and I know Meg is too!) and to take her to our favorite organic pizza place. It's SOOO good!

For all of my friends who are ttc...I'm crossing my fingers and waiting to hear about some BFP!

Monday, August 15, 2011


Meg took another test this morning. She's still pregnant! 4 weeks, this Wednesday, to be exact.

Confused??? Yea, I was too. I actually googled it because my mind was completely baffled. I didn't understand how she could be 4 weeks pregnant when we just inseminated 2 weeks ago...turns out it goes off of the first day of your last period. 

That's not the only thing I learned...I also learned that our munchkin is smaller than a grain of rice. How insane is that?!?! I'm never going to look at food the same way!

Speaking of food, I took a trip to whole foods today. It wasn't as fun without Megan, but it gave me time to search for items to put in a surprise pregnancy survival basket...

I bought her the book, Your Pregnancy Week by Week, a prenatal yoga dvd, more (organic) prenatal vitamins, dark chocolate, ginger candy, mints, and gum (without artificial sweeteners). I also bought her shampoo, conditioner, face moisturizer, body lotion, and chapstick. Oh, and a brita! 

I arranged all of the goodies in a basket and left it on the dining room table for her to see when she got home. Much better than flowers, right?!?

In terms of symptoms, Meg is feeling a little sleepy and "car sick" today. Her stomach feels very unsettled (she had diarrhea this morning and is extremely gassy...poor thing). Her boobs are also sore. 

On a more positive note, our friend gave us a present today...a knitted picture of three butterflies (framed). Thanks, Amanda!!!

Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


First off, I apologize for the teaser yesterday (it was pretty mean of me!). I fully intended to blog more, but I was too exhausted by the time we got home from the beach.

We spent the day in Long Beach Island with a few of our close friends. We played in the ocean and ate a lot of food!!! I boogie boarded and Meg relaxed and read. (she did come in the ocean to swim and float for a little) It was awesome!!!

Sadly, Meg and I didn't get a picture together. We actually didn't take many pictures at all. Guess my mind was focused elsewhere. (I can't tell you how many times I randomly interjected with "Megan is pregnant." lol)

It's so surreal. Meg took another test this morning because we didn't believe it. I have to admit I was afraid it wouldn't show up, but it did!!! I have a feeling this pregnancy is going to make me even more neurotic!!!

Rewind to Friday...Meg and I went shopping for school clothes (Meg is student teaching, yay!!). We were in the dressing room and I commented on how large Meg's boobs looked. When we got home Meg said her boobs felt sore. She stared at them in the mirror and concluded that they were definitely bigger. I laughed it off. I mean seriously how can your boobs grow in 9 days???

That night we met our new friends (whom we met through babycenter) in New Hope for dinner and fireworks. We were asking them about their symptoms and when they started testing. They said the biggest indicators were mood swings and sore boobs. We talked about how miserable Meg was and laughed briefly about the milk story!

Now, up until this point, Meg and I had agreed to wait until Day 11 to test. We figured we could buy a 3 pack of tests and test day 11, 12, 13 and then go in for our beta on day 14. But, after talking with our friends  we adopted the notion, "why wouldn't it work?" We decided to stop at Giant on the way home. We bought a 3 pack and a 2 pack of first response tests. Meg asked if she could take one. I was a little reluctant seeing that she had just peed 20 minutes earlier, but I agreed. It was negative.

I think that was the first BFN that didn't upset me. I don't know if it was the imprints from Meg's bra (clearly it was too tight) or the fact that she was downright nasty for 4+ days, the result didn't phase me. We talked for a few minutes, kissed goodnight, and went to sleep.

The next morning the alarm went off at 5:30 (we were waking up early to drive to the beach). We stayed in bed until 5:45. I knew Meg was going to take a test, so I offered to take the dogs out. I took my time getting downstairs thinking that I had a good couple of minutes.

All of the sudden I heard Meg screaming my name. "Jen!! Jen!!! I think I see a line!!!" I called out, "what?" At this point, I've completely forgotten about the dogs and am running upstairs. I ran into the bathroom and the two of us stared at the strip for what felt like the longest minute of my life. There was clearly a line. Not a faint line that I've read about. It was a perfect pink line. I couldn't believe it. I didn't know what to say or do. I just grabbed Meg and we hugged the tightest hug you could ever imagine.

Meg's face was glowing. Her eyes were glistening. She was ecstatic. She couldn't stop screaming. I sincerely think she woke up our neighbors!!! I was in shock.

She started calling (and waking up) some of our closest friends; the ones that have seen us through this entire process. I did the same. Every time we hung up we would run up to each other and hug. We finally danced to "this will be."

It was better than any movie scene ever written. It was real...very real.

First BFP!!! 


Best $30 ever spent!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Freaking Out

I'm sure I'll have more to report later, but for now I thought you would want to know that Megan is PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Oh, and for the record, I'm not the one freaking out..Meg is! lol, she has called our closest friends screaming (and I'm pretty sure has woken up all of the neighbors!)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

the calm before the storm

I intended to take Meg to see the Help tonight, but she got out of work a few minutes late (we would have been rushing had she not) so we decided to bail on those plans. I tossed out the idea of mini golf, but we hadn't eaten dinner, so that was out.

We scoured the kitchen in search of something, but it was pretty much useless. SOOO...we drove to the grocery store and took a stroll down the organic aisle (I'm allergic to sulfites (preservatives), so we only eat organic food). We settled on mozzarella sticks and pizza stuffed pretzels (despite reading the caloric information). It wouldn't have been a true junk food fest had we not had some organic soda to wash it all down, so down the aisle we went.

Before we left the store, we stopped to check out the movies at redbox. Meg selected Season of the Witch, but then added Arthur to the cart (redbox conned her into renting it by telling her it would only cost an additional 50 cents!) lol!!!

So, now we're home. Our bellies are uncomfortably full and as much as I hate to admit it, Russel Brand is oddly entertaining.

I know Meg was really looking forward to seeing the Help, but I'd venture to say that tonight has turned into a great night. One thing's for sure, it reminded me of why I fell in love with Megan. She's the only person in the world that can make a random trip to the grocery store and a movie at home romantic and fun. <3

Oh, I almost forgot...tomorrow is Day 9. We're getting closer and closer to testing time (Meg just asked me when we can test) She's so cute sometimes. I feel calm, but also unbelievably anxious. Is that even possible?

I know I've said it before, but I REALLY hope this works.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Visiting a Friend

I was wide awake at 3:45 this morning. I thought about grabbing the computer and blogging (since I've slacked off again) but I was afraid I would wake up Megan. Instead, I sat in bed thinking about all of the things I still need to do before school crayons, pencils, scissors, glue, notebooks, folders, oh,  and pregnancy tests.

I've been so anxious about the upcoming school year that I haven't had a lot of time to analyze Meg's "symptoms" or to obsess about the two week wait. I've even managed to stay away from babycenter (my addiction during our second cycle). That being said, the only symptoms worth reporting (at this time) are some constipation, bloating, and mild cramping on the right side. Oh, and moodiness. It's still early though, so we'll have to wait and see.

Last night we stopped by my childhood best friend's house to see her daughter, Kallie. She was born less than a month ago and is absolutely gorgeous. She was sleeping when we first got to the house, so we were able to sit down and catch up. My favorite part was hearing about all of the things that happen after giving birth!!! lol, eek!!! (All I'm saying is that I will no longer complain about getting my period!) When the baby woke up my friend asked if we wanted to hold her (after she had a full belly, of course!!!).

Meg is like the baby whisperer. She's seriously amazing. She's read countless books and has worked as a nanny and as the lead teacher in the baby room. Everything is just second nature to her (and she makes everything look easy!). Needless to say, I let her hold Kallie first. Meg looked so happy. I made a joke about Kallie stirring up fertility hormones and helping us to get pregnant (wouldn't that be awesome?!?!)

After a few minutes Meg asked if I wanted to hold her. To say that I was nervous would be an understatement. I was absolutely terrified (I'm used to obnoxious 5th graders not babies!!!) but I figured I needed to learn at some point. I washed my hands and held out my arms. Kallie squirmed for a little and then fell asleep. She didn't cry!!! I was ecstatic (I actually got tears in my eyes). Just to be clear, I didn't get teary-eyed because the baby didn't cry. It was just that I was overwhelmed with happiness for my friend and their beautiful addition to their family.

I can't wait for Meg and I to get to that point. I really hope this time worked!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's No Use Crying Over Spilled Milk

After watching the Real L Word all day, I've come to the conclusion that Meg and I should have been on that show! I am confident that all of America would have died laughing had they witnessed today's events. 

Our excitement stemmed from a surprise visit of hormones (I'll admit, some were mine). Now, I'm not talking about the type of hormones that make you cry at those animal rescue commercials (you know, the ones with Sarah McLachlan?) No, I'm talking about the hormones that make you want to throw something against the wall, rip out all of your hair, and then apologize all on a whim. 

At 4dpiui, it's way too early for PMS and implantation doesn't start until at least day 6, so really the only explanation is stress. Clearly, ttc has taken a toll on our bodies and our minds. 

Meg is back to her "negative nancy" mentality. She said that she would be shocked if we actually got pregnant this time. I, naturally, started to cry. She then proceeded to ask me why I was crying. I tried to cover it up by saying "because the cookies aren't ready." I wasn't trying to hide the fact that I was crying because I'm too tough to show emotion. It was more so because I cry so often that I didn't want to give Meg a reason to get mad and/or upset! 

Anyhow, we talked it out and everything was fine. I went to sit on the couch with the dogs and Meg cleaned up the kitchen. She, being the nice wife that she is, brought me over a glass of milk and a plate with 2 fresh chocolate chip cookies. I went to grab the glass of milk out of her hand and realized (a little too late) that she wasn't paying attention. Consequently, her glass of milk fell out of her hand and all over me. It went EVERYWHERE!! It soaked my back, my shorts, and even the couch! You wouldn't believe how cold it was. I shot up (in shock), but the worst was when Meg started to yell at me. Clearly, becoming a human milkshake wasn't punishment enough. I ran upstairs, jumped in the shower, and went right back downstairs, only to see Meg standing in the foyer waiting for me. 

She apologized and we both started laughing. We went to sit back on the couch and all of the sudden Meg realized the milk had soaked through one of the pillows! Fortunately, she didn't freak out. It was only when I started to drink her milk that she got upset. Apparently I grabbed the wrong glass. I tried to correct my mistake by giving her some of my milk, but she told me that was disgusting. There was nothing I could do, but laugh.

I guess there is some truth to the saying, "It's no use crying over spilled milk." 

It's Conceivable

Meg and I spent the afternoon catching up on episodes of the Real L Word. We wanted to find out if the lesbian couple, Kacy & Cori, got pregnant. Unfortunately, the season ended with their second IUI attempt (talk about a cliff hanger!)

Naturally, I got on the computer and started googling. I was unable to find out any information regarding the couple, but I did not stumble across a really awesome website...

It's Conceivable provides information for the LGBT community about insemination, adoption, and surrogacy. It contains links to lawyers, sperm banks, fertility clinics, and many other resources (I think it's safe to say that they beat me to the Lesbian Pregnancy for Dummies idea!)

 Check it out!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Follow the leader

I was told that I haven't been blogging enough recently. I guess I'm going to have to pick up the slack! Truth is, I check in everyday hoping to have more followers (because followers equate to least that's what I tell myself. lol)

Anyway, my friends told me last night that they don't know how to officially follow the blog. It never dawned on me that people could just bookmark the site and read at their own leisure. (totally new to this blogging thing if you didn't already know)

Here is my solution...a crash course in google friend connect. If you would like to become a follower of Wiegand Writes, scroll down until you see the box on the right titled Followers. Click the blue button that says Join this site. It will ask you to use an account you've already created (google, yahoo, twitter, aim, netlog, openid) Don't fret if you don't already have an account or email, there is a link to create a new google account (it's free). After you sign in, your name (and picture if you uploaded one) should show up alongside of the followers already listed. If not, there is a blue Follow link at the top. When you click on it, it will ask you whether you want to follow the blog publicly or privately. Regardless of your choice, you will get updates on the blog. Pretty cool, right?

Please do not feel obligated to sign up for an account. All that matters is that you enjoy reading the entries and get to stay up-to-date with everything.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Along for the ride

When we first started trying to conceive, it felt like we were alone. Yes, we had our friends to talk to, but no one truly understood what the process of getting pregnant entailed (we didn't even know!).

Meg and I had to learn everything the hard way. We spent hours researching on the internet, making phone calls, scheduling doctor's appointments, discussing our options, and reading books (this was Meg's department!). Life would have been so much easier had we been able to run to the library and check out Lesbian Pregnancy for Dummies. (I should write this, no?!?!)

In the beginning, our friends were our training wheels. They listened to our fears and helped guide us in the right directions. They even threw some interesting baby names our way (lol, usher? Yea, no!) When we found out our first IUI failed, our friends encouraged us to try again. They cursed Aunt Flow and counted the days in Meg's cycle, all the while, anxiously awaiting news of ovulation.

When it came time to try again, our friends said prayers and sent sticky thoughts our way. Some of them even created fertility dances (just kidding, lol, I made that one up) It wasn't until after our second failed IUI, that I saw a different side of our friends. They actually grieved with us.

Someone told me that I seem calmer this time around. Granted it's only day 2, but I think it's because it feels as though the entire universe is pulling for us. The training wheels are off and we're starting to pedal...slowly. Whatever the outcome turns out to be, we won't fall. Our friends are right beside us to share the ride.

I'm not an expert on the art of conception. I do not have a panacea for infertility (though I wish I did because there are far too many good people in this world that deserve children). The only thing I have to offer is support.

Until I am able to write Lesbian Pregnancies for Dummies, I'm hoping that people can find solace in the fact that they're not alone.

Thank you for following our blog and for supporting us along this journey. We no longer feel alone.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lucky number 3

I've never been a fan of carrying a rabbit's foot. I refuse to spend my entire life searching for four leaf clovers. I despise ladybugs (all bugs, really). I don't have a special pair of underwear or socks. I will admit that I have been known to, on occasion, pick up pennies (only if heads up). The truth is that the only "good luck" charm to have ever served me well is the number 3.

In high school, I used to sport a pendant of the number 3 on a necklace. It was the number on my basketball jersey. (I used to be so superstitious that I would bounce the ball three times before shooting a foul shot!)

So yea, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited that our third insemination took place on August 3rd.

We arrived at our appointment a little before 7:30. Meg checked in and told them she was there for an IUI. We ate breakfast (english muffins, woo hoo!) and attempted to solve more of the mystery picture puzzles (did I mention how much I hate these??). It was getting close to the 30 minute mark, so Meg went to use the bathroom. All of the sudden I heard a timer buzz. Our guys were thawed! I leaned over to Meg and said, "This is it. Don't get scared now!"

The nurse called us back into the room and asked Meg to confirm the donor's number. Meg had a minute or two to get situated before the doctor came in. (and yes, I managed to sneak a picture!) He also asked Meg to confirm the donor. He then told us the sample looked great. Our donor supplied 60 million swimmers with 40% motility (last time it was only 50 million and 40% motility) Hopefully the 10 million increase included one Michael Phelps sperm who is ready for the swim of his life!!!

The doctor told Meg to lie back. He asked us what we were going to do with the rest of our day and within minutes it was finished. Meg did great! I took her to the White Dog Cafe to celebrate. It was delicious! We then came home and relaxed.

I don't know about Meg, but I have weird butterflies in my belly that I can't shake (maybe it's the cheeseburger...I haven't eaten red meat in a very long time). No, but seriously, I feel very anxious. I'm not trying to get my hopes up or get ahead of myself, but...

It has to work this time. I mean, come on, EVERYONE has heard of (and used) the phrase "Third Time's A Charm." This is the way it was meant to happen. I'm convinced...

Before we left for our appointment

the swimmers

All done!!

Hopefully this is NOT our donor...what a perv!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Third Time's a Charm

I had a hard time sleeping last night. I guess I was just anxious about our doctor's appointment...

Keeping with tradition, I entertained the office while Meg had her blood drawn. I rocked Meg's purse on my shoulder and asked them if I looked pretty. (lol, it's truly amazing that Meg still lets me go with her!) The nurse took us back to the room and I assumed my second role...door locker. I have to make sure the alternate door to the bathroom is locked while in use and then unlocked when we leave the bathroom (so the patient in the other room can use it) I'm always so afraid that I'm going to open the door on the other patient...that would be embarrassing!

While we were waiting for the doctor, I managed to convince Meg to take a picture with me (it didn't turn out well) I don't know what my problem is, but I can only take pictures holding the camera in my left hand. The right hand covers the flash. When Meg tries to take the picture she gets super frustrated, so I didn't even bother asking her today.

The doctor walked in and asked us if we were stalking him (he was kidding). I think we make him a little nervous. We caught him putting lube on the ultrasound wand prior to putting the condom on. He then had to put lube on the outside, lol. It was amusing, but I didn't laugh.

It didn't take long for him to find Meg's gigantic follicle. It looked like an orange and seriously dwarfed all of the others. The doc measured the diameter at 27.5 mm. (last cycle she had a 22 mm follicle). He said her lining looked great too. It measured 14.7  (last time it was 13)

I took lunch to Meg's work and we continued to debate whether the insemination would take place tomorrow or Thursday. The doctor finally called and told us that her estrogen level was 300 (last time it was 255) and then proceeded to schedule us for a 7:30 appointment tomorrow morning (I knew it!!!)

We thought everything looked perfect last cycle, but it seems as though things are shaping up to be even better this time around. "Third time's a charm."

Monday, August 1, 2011

Empty Guest Room

When Meg and I started looking for a townhouse, we knew we needed a place with at least 2 bedrooms. While our house had many attributes at the time, the nursery was the defining feature. With laminate floors, two large windows that fill the room with natural light, chair rail molding, built-in closet organizers, and gender neutral green paint, the room was perfect for a baby..

For the last two years, the room has been set up as a guest room. Much to our dismay, the primary guest was our cat.

Prior to trying to conceive, we knew that we needed to clean out the room (and train our cat to stay out). We gave the bedroom set to our friends, dusted, and vacuumed...Pretty's hair was EVERYWHERE (on the bed, on the curtains, you name it!). It was gross!

We go back to the doctor's tomorrow morning to find out when we will inseminate again. I can't help, but dream that we will soon be able to make our empty guest room a nursery.