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Nursery pictures (almost done)

I'm not proud to admit that I had a serious meltdown last night. I don't know what caused it. I just know that I couldn't get Avery's new blinds up and it freaked me out. I kept harping on the idea that Meg was going to go into labor and that I wouldn't have time to finish Avery's room. I then started crying about anything and everything.

I am happy to announce that the blinds have been hung. I still need to hang the valance, but the crisis has been averted. More importantly, Avery is still snug in Meg's belly. So yea, all is well with the world again.

I promised you that I would post pictures of the nursery when it was officially done. Meg still needs to decorate and put some finishing touches on it, but overall, we're just about there.

We still need to hang maternity portraits (we're taking them this Saturday) and position Avery's life size teddy bear. The portraits will hang on both sides of the window and the bear will sit to the right of Avery's crib. (The bear is currently sitting in my trunk while the dogs adjust to life in the nursery...Heineken will undoubtedly try to rip the bear apart or hump it, so we're just trying to delay the inevitable!)

Enjoy the pictures...I really don't think they do the room justice.


  1. What a beautiful quilt! Love her room :)

  2. I almost forgot...I have to sand and paint the side table next to the glider! (white, of course!)

  3. Wow, I love your nursery, so pretty! Did someone make the quilt or where did you get it? It's beautiful!
    Just found your blog last night and kept reading and reading until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore!:) We'll be TTC in July, I can't wait!
    Great job on Avery's room!

    1. First off, congratulations!!! That's so exciting that you will be starting the process in the next couple of months! (Hopefully you'll find the blog helpful...I tried to make it so that people knew what to expect because we didn't-especially in the beginning!)

      My mom made the quilt and the pillow (the image on the pillow was made my best friend...she also used it on our baby shower says A is for Avery)

      I don't think the pictures really show off the quilt, but you can get an idea. We absolutely love it.

      Mom is working on some curtains to finish everything off.

      All we need now is little Avery (hopefully not for a few more weeks!)

  4. You sound like you're having normal Mom to Be anxiety! I think I went into panic mode around 36W too-thinking he would come any second.. And he came at 41.2 weeks :)
    *Try* not to stress about the nursery too much. Again, I too NEEDED it done before he came... 6.5 months later, it's another play room that has yet to be slept in (except by the cats).
    Bottom line- Avery is going to have her own agenda and all your plans will change. I'm so excited for you both... Being a mom is amazing!

    1. It's nice to know that I'm not alone. I can't believe you were 41.2 weeks! Crazy! We can't wait!

  5. Don't feel bad about the meltdown--that seems to be happening more at our house, too! I love the nursery--especially the shelves by the closet!

    1. We love the shelves too! (Meg still needs to decorate them though!)

  6. Oh! and I just nominated your blog for the Liebster Award-- :)

  7. sand and paint, sand and paint! Ohh boy those blinds look beautiful ;) Whoever hung them did a fantastic Job! They finish the room nicely!

  8. Just stopped by to take a peek at the nursery and read the progress report. :-)

    Great job! I love how the colors of the peacock tie into the quilt! CUTE!

    1. Thanks! My brother's girlfriend painted the peacock, lion, and hippo!

      They definitely pull everything together!

  9. The nursery is absolutely beautiful! Nice work ladies!


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