Thursday, October 27, 2011

Never a dull moment

Flashback to last Wednesday...I drove to school with my hand pressing against my lower right side. (I'd been having pain since Monday, but figured I was just ovulating and needed to suck it up.) By the time I got to school I could barely move without wincing. I sat curled over on the chair as my friend googled ovarian cysts, appendicitis, gall bladders, and pretty much every other ailment we could think colleagues started making bets as to what was wrong with me (in their defense, they insisted that I leave, but I didn't want to)

I managed to make it until 10:45 (I spent most of the morning sitting in a chair.) I called Meg and told her the pain had gotten worse and that I was going to go to the ER. She met me at home and we went to the hospital by our house.

We waited in the ER for a long time. They scheduled me a CAT scan and an internal ultrasound..ugh! I did the ultrasound like a champ, but had an allergic reaction to the Barium drink and had to take benadryl (big surprise, right?!)

The ultrasound technician told me there was evidence of fluid in my uterus (apparently this happens when a cyst ruptures). I went down for the CT scan assuming I would be heading home shortly...seemed like a reasonable diagnosis.

WRONG! The doctor came over and told me he wanted to examine me before telling me the results of the scan...never a good sign. Kind of annoyed, I asked him, "Why? Do I have appendicitis?" "Well, that's what we're trying to find out," he replied.

Speeding ahead...he paged a surgeon down for a consult. The surgeon said he didn't think it was appendicitis, but the CT scan showed an enlarged tubular structure where the appendix would be..translation=I'd like to keep you over night for monitoring.

Meg and Mom and changed shifts back and forth, so that I didn't have to be alone...well, at least not until the bitchy nurse kicked Meg out...(she was better off sleeping in our bed than in a hospital waiting room)

By the time Meg came the next morning I was curled in a little ball and had a low fever. The technician took more blood (to check my white blood cells) and I waited for the surgeon to come in.

He came in around 10 and suggested that we proceed with the surgery. I figured I'd have a few hours to  process the information (though I kind of saw it coming based on how my night went) but the nurse came in and said they were going to prep me for surgery...

I had a laparoscopy and appendectomy. My appendix was fine (so technically I didn't NEED this surgery) but the doc was able to suck out some of the fluid from the cyst.

I have three small incisions (one in my belly button, one on my left side of my belly, and one long one under my belly-to the right of my belly button) I can't lift anything more than 10 lbs and have to wait until Tuesday to go back to work. Feels nice! (especially when I laugh and sneeze)

On the bright side, I don't have to ever worry when I get a sharp pain on my right side!

As for Meg, she's doing great. The nausea is almost completely gone. Her appetite is going strong...she actually enjoyed the hospital cafeteria, lol! She's still a little tired, but I think that's more a result of emotional stress than the pregnancy.

The baby is the size of a lemon and most likely busy sucking his/her thumb right now! :-)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

you're getting on my nerve (s)

Well, after a day of pregnancy hormone hell, I'm happy to report that Meg's hives are completely gone...took long enough, right??

On a different note, it seems as if we're right on target with the common 2nd trimester discomforts. Meg has just recently started complaining of leg pain.

I figured it was just because she's not used to standing all day and has now taken over all subjects forcing her to do so (not that she was EVER lazy running around with those three year olds!!!)

Anyhow, I did some googling and found that MANY pregnant women start experiencing leg and back pain in the second trimester because the growing uterus puts pressure on the nerve.

What's the remedy you ask??? A nightly back rub! Now that I think of it, my sciatic nerve is acting up from changing the litter in the litter box!!! (kidding)

Meg said the pain is just annoying...nothing worth taking medicine least not yet. She's going to try some stretches and see if that helps.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fondue for Two

Our four year anniversary was yesterday, but we decided to celebrate tonight.

We bought all of the ingredients and dippers to make fondue at home (my stupid allergies inhibit us from frequenting the Melting Pot)

Our "date" started shortly after 4pm. The first course was cheese fondue (with salsa...tasted like queso!). We bought tortilla chips and granny smith apples for dippers, but we only ate the bread. It was SOOO good!

When we finished, we cleaned up the dishes and started to prepare the next course. Meg pulled the lobster tail out of the shell, cut her chicken and steak. I poured all of the sauces. Together, we then measured out the ingredients for the court bouillon broth. We set everything aside in the fridge and sat down to relax (and digest) for a while.

We caught up on Modern Family. By the time that was over, we were ready to eat again! It was amazing! I had scallops, shrimp, and lobster tail with teriyaki sauce, cocktail sauce, and garlic butter. Meg had chicken and NY strip steak (a few pieces) with melting pot seasoning. She also had potatoes with the Melting Pot's Green Goddess dip (made by yours truly).

Dinner took almost an hour and a half. It was so relaxing. Meg was in heaven. She said she wished every meal could be like this. I'm not sure if she meant the quality of the food, the ambiance, or just the fact that we were eating over such a long period of time! Either way, it was cute.

When dinner was finished, we loaded up the dishwasher. We washed the fondue forks for dessert and then sat down on the couch to relax and catch up on Vampire Diaries.

An hour later (around 8:15) Meg was feeling a little nauseous, but we decided to go ahead and make the chocolate fondue for dessert. We had bananas, brownies, cookies, and apples to dip. What a way to end the night!!!

Here is a picture of dinner...

Notice my rose arrangement??? I was almost in tears last night. I tried to combine the roses with white tulips (tulips mean perfect love and have become "our flower") but I SUCK at arranging flowers. I kept cutting the roses shorter and shorter. The tulips started turning brown because I kept taking them out of the water...It was a disaster, but Meg appreciated the effort and claims that the roses look beautiful. The tulips are doing much better and are hanging out in a different vase!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I can still remember the day. It was October 13th, 2007. Meg and I were surrounded by our closest friends (many of which had to drive 8+ hours to get to Cape Cod, MA).

We ate breakfast together before parting ways. Meg went to get her hair done with the girls and I walked around Provincetown with the guys (and Trish and Tammy) searching for the perfect wedding present...

About two hours before the ceremony, the two Matts, Trish and Tammy and I started raking the beach and setting up the aisle of fall leaves. It took a little longer than expected...who knew that sand would be cold and hard in October???

Consequently, we had to rush back to the hotel to get ready. Tammy made some last minute alterations to my tux (apparently I didn't have belt loops...whoops!) and we headed out to pose for pictures in the garden.

As I stood barefoot on the beach, I looked back at the boats swaying gently on the bay. It was the perfect day to get married (minus the obnoxiously loud seagulls).

The music started to play cuing our bridal party to start walking down the street and onto the beach. My heart fluttered with excitement. I couldn't wait to see Meg. The song ended. It was just about time...

As she rounded the corner I couldn't hold back the tears. Her dress, her eyes, her smile, her hair...she was absolutely breathtaking.

I walked up to her and grabbed her hand. We walked the rest of the way together (never letting go of one another) As we exchanged our vows a crowd of strangers gathered to watch. We spoke of our fortune cookies from our first date...Mine said, "Your dearest dream is coming true." Meg's said, "Try it. You may like it."

It is now four years later and my dreams continue to come true...Happy Anniversary, sweetheart! I love you more than ever!!

Special thanks to everyone for loving and supporting us throughout the past 8 years and throughout our ttc means the world to us!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Ultrasound at the OB

Today was our second appointment with our OB. We decided to try out the Lawrenceville office. It was SO much better than last time. It was clean, comfortable, and dare I say, beautiful?? 

The organization, yea, that was another story. After arriving 20 minutes early for our 3:45 appointment, Meg and I were left perfecting the art of statue making for several hours...we sat and waited and waited and waited. Again, it felt as though everyone who came in after us was called before us. GRR!!!

Finally, they called Meg's name. We were taken into a room and asked routine questions (they went over her paperwork) and took her blood pressure. The nurse then escorted us back to the waiting room. I figured it wouldn't be long before we were called back again to see the doctor. Boy was I wrong. 

It was after 5 o'clock when we finally went back to the room. We talked with a different nurse. She weighed Meg and then used the doppler to listen to the heartbeat. 

Unfortunately, she was unable to find it. To say that we were worried would be an understatement. After all, we hadn't seen/heard the heartbeat since week 8. Meg has been insanely sick, so we figured that was a good sign, but we couldn't figure out why the hell they couldn't hear the heartbeat!

I text mom (while waiting for the doctor) and she called me to say that she googled and found that people whom are gassy tend to have harder times locating heartbeats. I just laughed.

Ok, so it was about 5:45 and we still hadn't seen the doctor. We contemplated leaving. Meg was hungry and feeling nauseous (because she was so hungry) Suddenly the door swung open and we hear, "I didn't forget about you." 

Deja was just like the first appointment. We were so disappointed and then in walks the doctor to save the day. 

We talked briefly with the doc and expressed our concern about not hearing the heartbeat. He told us not to worry and that he would find it. He yelled down the hallway for a doppler (he was like a giant teddy bear!)

He put the gel on Meg's belly and started his search. Without knowing what Mom had already said (about the gas), he said, "It would be easier to hear the heartbeat if I didn't have to listen to your fart gas!!!" I've never laughed so hard.

After trying for several minutes he told Meg to get dressed and said he would give her an ultrasound. Here is a video clip from the ultrasound...all is well. The baby looks fantastic! I should have zoomed in, but I was trying to enjoy the moment...if you look closely (and listen to our voices), you will see the baby move! (especially when the doctor torments the kid, lol)


It has become abundantly clear why this practice was recommended to us. Meg and I just need to get accustomed to a life of waiting...I'm convinced that we're in good hands!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To Tell Or Not To Tell

Meg had a better day today...She had to run and get her seasick bands after eating a tiny piece of pumpkin pie (I guess it was the consistency???) After putting a spiced apple ginger chew in her mouth (she claims they are a gift from God) she managed to calm herself down...whatever works, right?!?

She's currently dwelling over who to send private facebook messages to before I announce the pregnancy tomorrow. Lol, gotta love her!

I'm just excited to finally spill the beans! I can't believe I lasted 12 weeks! I'm so proud of myself!

Tomorrow we head back to the OB to listen to the heartbeat. I'm bringing the flip camera...fingers crossed that I can capture it!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Columbus meets pregnancy

I had planned to celebrate the explorations of Christopher Columbus today whilst dreaming for an extra hour (I had off from school!!). Sadly, the baby had other plans...

Meg woke up at her normal time. She apologized for the light. I rolled over and fell back to sleep with the dogs. Shortly after, she said that she was going to be sick and proceeded to run to the bathroom. She ended up throwing up twice.

I can't believe it...first Thursday and now this. I know people say that bad morning sickness means the baby is healthy, but I'm waiting for the day that Meg explodes and tells me to stop reminding her while her head is in the toilet. It's going to

So, the day progressed, Meg had her ups and downs. I took her to the grocery store to pick out something to eat. She got really upset because an old man asked her to move. It practically sent her into tears!

Allow me to paint you a picture of our ride home...We're talking. Meg's eating a banana. Suddenly, she gets a pouty face and says, "I don't know why I'm crying." I couldn't help, but laugh. Seriously?!?!?

Christopher Columbus once said, "You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." Such a wise man...if only he would have written a pregnancy hormone survival guide..

I need sensitivity training!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baby Fever

Meg and I started the weekend with a trip to Baby's R Us with my parents. We needed to pick out a shower gift, but really, we were excited to scope the place out. 

Dad walked around picking out cute "backpacks" which I later informed him were leashes! He was obsessed with the little girl's outfits and asked Meg if she could push out an 18 month old, so we could buy the really cute clothes. He and I tested out rocking chairs, while Meg and mom searched for onesies and registry gifts.

Saturday was spent at our close friend's baby shower. I've come to the conclusion that baby showers are extremely overwhelming! I can't even imagine sitting in front of family and friends and opening an endless sea of presents (perhaps it is because my extended family scarred me as a child...they used to wrap up other people's presents and give them to me and say Santa left the wrong gift!!! LOL, gotta love them!)

Anyhow, I hate surprises and told Meg that she needs to perfect her appreciation and gratitude because I want no part in opening the gifts. It's too much pressure!!! (Not that I would expect anyone to buy us something we wouldn't love, but still!!!) My job will be to make sure Meg opens a gift every 30 showers are too long!!! Don't even get me started on the pictures or the hat!!!! I'm surprised our friend didn't want to kill someone. lol, I might have!

All jokes aside, it was a nice day. It was exciting to start thinking about all of the things we will need (BABIES REQUIRE A LOT OF SHIT!!!) As we were leaving, our friend gave us (and our baby) a gift. It was a small musical giraffe (perfect for our safari theme...which Meg now thinks we need to reconsider because EVERYONE is doing it) She also bought us an organic baby book so our baby can be like me! (without the allergies!) She filled the basket with some preggie pops, which have already come in handy. Her mom also bought the baby an outfit and teether to match because Meg helped make the favors. 

We are so fortunate to have such amazing people in our lives. Our baby isn't even born yet and he/she is already loved and spoiled. 

As for Meg, she's at an in-between stage right now. Her pants are snug. The bellyband seems to work, but more often than not, trying on clothes tends to turn into a meltdown. She feels fat because strangers don't know that she is pregnant. We bought some new flowy shirts to get her through the next couple weeks! At this point, the nausea still comes and goes...

Here is a picture of Meg's (almost) 12 week belly..I think it's amazing!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Worst Day

I had it all planned...I was going to blog last night about all of the sentimental things that I've been thinking about. (while Meg was at class)

I suppose that will have to wait...Yesterday was the hardest day for Meg (so far). She threw up right before she left for work. I felt awful that I couldn't be there with her. Normally, the sound, sight, and smell of throw up sends me running, but "morning" sickness is different. It's a lot of dry heaving, which, to me, seems painful (and quite frankly, worse). 

As if that wasn't bad enough, she had to run to the bathroom at school because she was going to have diarrhea (sorry if too much info). Sidenote, she had to wear her seasick bands all day. She also sucked on preggie pops. Nothing seemed to make the nausea go away.

Around 8:15 I hear the door open (Meg was finally home from class). I said hello from upstairs and all I heard was, "I think I'm going to be sick." I ran downstairs in time to see Meg hovered over the toilet (for the second time of the day)

I rubbed her back and wiped her tears and we sat on the bathroom floor for a few minutes. 

She ate half of her pb & j sandwich before bed and snacked on a pear throughout the night. The dogs woke up around 3 o'clock, but Meg couldn't stomach walking downstairs, so I took them out.

Thankfully, she has off today and can recuperate. I just hope this was the baby's way of saying, "We're almost through the first trimester. Just wanted you to know that I'm still here. I promise I'll be good now!" 

Monday, October 3, 2011

change of events

Meg had a dream last night that we found out our baby was a boy. I'm not sure what that means (probably nothing) haha.

At this point, I'd be happy either way. I actually found a person who knows two little girls named Avery today.  I think this change of events warrants a retraction of my veto...not to mention, Meg really loves the name! So, I guess you could say that we're one step closer to agreeing on a girl's name!

Now that I'm getting the, "I told you so," looks from the's pretty much a guarantee that we'll have a boy!