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The big reveal!!!!

It’s a...GIRL!!! Makenzie Ryan is expected 3/19/18!
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Bump update (24 weeks 3 days)

Baby’s head bump shrunk! It’s now less than 1 cm. The technician at the perinatal specialist said if today were the anatomy scan she wouldn’t even have said anything. She had to look really hard to find it. We go back in four weeks to watch it “shrivel up and go away” She also checked the heart, brain, stomach, etc while we were there. Everything looks good! 
Baby was dramatic and had two hands in front of his/her face. The one picture looks like a three toed sloth! It’s awesome!!! (The baby has five fingers on each hand) 
Oh!! I almost forgot. We had the technician confirm the sex just to be sure (Meg didn’t believe me) 
I’m working on convincing Meg to let me reveal the news early but she’s not feeling well and consequently won’t even entertain the idea.
I’ll work on a picture of Meg’s belly this weekend. For now, here are pictures of baby M!

Our terrifying 20 week anatomy scan

We had our 20 week anatomy scan on Tuesday. Meg was actually 21 weeks. We told the ultrasound technician that we didn’t want to know the sex. The baby wasn’t cooperating, but we watched as she took pictures of the brain, spine, heart, etc. Everything looked good...or so we thought.
After the ultrasound we went into a different room for our appointment. The nurse practitioner checked the baby’s heartbeat (165) and asked Meg how she was feeling. 
Megan told her that she’s still feeling nauseous and is still taking diclegis at night.
All of the sudden the nurse practitioner nonchalantly handed me a paper and said “the ultrasound technician found a nodule on the baby’s neck. The doctor wants you to call this number and schedule an appointment with a perinatal specialist.”
On the back of the paper it had information about maternal screening and Down syndrome. I asked the nurse practitioner if they thought the baby had Down syndrome and she said it was just a sheet of paper with hospital phone …

Disney Celebration

We took the girls to Disney in October to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and baby #3!

We did so many amazing things!! One of my favorite parts was breakfast at O’hana on the morning of our anniversary! We had an amazing view of Cinderella’s castle, ate delicious food, checked out the Polynesian resort and, best of all, hung out with some of our favorite characters! 

We relaxed after breakfast in preparation for our late night at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party! The girls LOVED it! They went trick or treating (Disney had allergy friendly treats for Harper!), danced with characters from Monsters Inc, went on rides(Avery went on SPACE MOUNTAIN!!!!), watched the special villain show (the Sanderson sisters-from Hocus Pocus- were awesome!!!), ate popcorn and cotton candy that looked like candy corn while watching the Halloween parade. Lastly, they finally stayed up late enough to see Disney fireworks!!! 

We had several other amazing character dining experiences: Bon Voyage breakfast w…

Week 16

Things have been so chaotic that I completely forgot to take weekly photos!! 
To make up for lost time I combined week 15 (Maui) and week 16 (Baymax).
Meg had an OB appointment last night. I couldn’t go because we had Back to School Night at my work, but Meg recorded the heartbeat for me (and you!) Everything looks great. She will be 17 weeks on Monday!
We go to Disney on Wednesday!

I can’t wait to see Megan in her Disney shirt when she’s 40 weeks! She looks adorable!

13 weeks

Our Announcement

Many people have known about the baby since the beginning. Today we made the pregnancy Facebook official...