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Fingers Crossed

We dropped the girls off at school this morning. On the way to our appointment we stopped at a bagel place. It was really good!

We were the only people in the waiting room at RMA. Meg read her book and I watched Prison Break. They called us back shortly after 8:45. 

Our donor provided us with 70 million sperm with 40% motility (Avery had 60 million 40%, Harper had 100 million 30% motility) The Doctor came in, confirmed the donor's number and Meg's Birthday and then quickly reviewed Meg's paperwork.

He said that there is no doubt that she is ovulating (her surge was 95 yesterday). He also said that this is going to be a perfect cycle for us. Fingers crossed he is right!
Today we used our last vial from donor 12360. It's an odd feeling. I'm a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason." While I wish last month worked it would make total sense for this to close out our TTC process.
We go back in for a pregnancy test on July 10th. Until then we will focus o…

Round 2!

We went to RMA this morning for bloodwork and another ultrasound (cycle day 13). The girls stole the hearts of everyone (as usual)!

The doctor greeted the girls and addressed their matching outfits. It was cute. 
He said that Megan has a "magnificent lining." He quickly measured her follicles. I caught a glimpse of one, but he was very brief and didn't elaborate like other doctors. I think it said 21.5mm.

He told us that everything looks great and that he suspects tomorrow will be our next IUI. 
On the way out we checked the location of our sperm and stalked our favorite Doctor's schedule in hopes of coordinating the IUI. 

We just received the results from the bloodwork (estrogen 341, progesterone 1) We will have our second IUI for baby #3 tomorrow morning!

Next round

Today is Day 3 of Meg's cycle. We went in for bloodwork and an ultrasound. Everything looked great. Our next appointment is June 25 (Day 13) Stay tuned...

False Hopes

After testing negative on Day 11 and 12 we started to make peace with trying again in June. We even went so far as to say we wouldn't even test again (I thought we were out of tests when I suggested this) 
Yesterday (Day 13), Meg woke up at 4 am and peed on the last remaining stick in the house. The faintest blue line IMMEDIATELY appeared. 
We were both in shock. We laughed. We hugged. We went back to sleep.
Something told us that we needed to confirm what felt like a miracle, so we went to Target as soon as it opened. We came home and saw another negative. Part of me thought that Meg's pee was just too diluted (I swear she pees every hour!) but I started googling.
I looked up evaporation lines. We followed the instructions. We saw the line right away so we weren't outside of the timeframe. 
More googling...Walgreen Early Pregnancy Test (generic version compared to EPT with 99.9% accuracy) There were MANY negative reviews. Some that said the test registered false postive.
Meg to…

10 days later

Today marks 10 days post IUI. We tested positive on Day 10 with both Avery and Harper. Today we weren't as lucky.
It should have been the first day we tested, but Megan has gone through two boxes already. With 5 negative tests(4 of which were way too early) we are both extremely discouraged.
I set my alarm so I could wake up with her this morning. Turns out she woke up early. Megan didn't even leave the test out for me to see.
This was the precursor to a stupid fight. 
There is still time left, but mentally we are both preparing for another cycle. 
I hate this feeling.


We spent the day at the beach on Saturday. The girls had a blast!! 

Meg was REALLY emotional. She cried several times-1. she couldn't reach the bar to hang the clothes in our new closet 2. She heard a sappy song and started sharing memories of when we first met (I'll give her this one!)

Sunday: Meg took a pregnancy test on even though I told her it was way too early. It was negative.
Meg had a doc appointment to check her progesterone. They called back around 2:30 in the afternoon and said that her progesterone was a 26.
An escaped convict caused all of the schools to close!  We spent the day cleaning and organizing. We even went to the mall for dinner! 

We celebrated Avery's graduation from Pre-Kindergarten.

When did they get so big?!
Megan took another test this morning (9 days post IUI)   It was negative. She's feeling discouraged, but it's still early. We tested positive on Day 10 with both girls.
The doctors have Meg's system down to a scie…