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The time has come.

Before I get into the details of today's doctors appointment, I have to tell you that I am two seconds away from going postal...Meg is watching this horrendous movie (Something's gotta give) and Diane Lane won't stop crying. It's unbearable. I'm not even watching it, but I want to gouge my eyes out (and I guess, chop my ears off??)

Ugh! Anyway, today's appointment was great:

Our favorite nurse, Tiffany, came back from maternity leave. She was so excited to find out Meg is preggers. Meg was ecstatic because Tiffany doesn't inflict pain when she draws blood! Sidenote, Tiffany showed us a book she made through a website called documented the baby's first few months. It was adorable!!

By the time we finished flipping through the book, the doc came in with his resident intern (we've seen three different interns...all women). He examined Meg. It was amazing how much the baby has grown. This is a picture from 2 weeks ago...(sorry it took so long)

Here is today's picture...

If you look closely, you can see the little leg and arm stumps. Doc said this is the point where the baby starts to look like a teddy graham!!! Oh, we also saw the start of the umbilical cord.

The best part was when we were able to hear the baby's was working hard...176 beats per minute (right where it should be). I could have sat there all's breathtaking.

After the intern practiced giving Meg an ultrasound, the doctor gave us a hug and said he would see us next week. We were all excited, but the nurse called with Meg's blood results this afternoon and said that we have graduated. Technically we could go back one more time, but the time has come.

If you think about it, Tiffany was there in the very beginning, left to have her baby, and came back just in time for our last visit. We've officially come full circle.

It's kind of bittersweet. We're excited to meet our OB, but at the same time, we're really going to miss seeing our Doctor and the staff at RMA.


  1. Shutterfly is a great site! Alot of people use that for the announcements.. have you been doing your homework on that?? lol but Auntie trish is going to handle that! They are going to be amazing nothing but the best for my little niece or nephew. Breathtaking pictures. Its amazing how far you have come in such a short time.. thanks so much for something's gotta give is pretty bad. lol sorry meg :(

  2. I haven't checked out shutterfly yet and you know I haven't been thinking about announcements, lol. That's your department (Well, you and Meg)

    Aren't the pictures amazing??? So much bigger in only 2 weeks!!! No wonder why Meg feels terrible!

    Oh, and the movie was AWFUL!!! Usually I like Diane Lane, but wow.

  3. Just wait till it starts jumping around like a little jumping bean!!!!! It is so freaking awesome!!!! The most amazing thing i've ever seen!


  4. Hi- The pictures are absolutely amazing! Congratulations - this is so exciting for us and we don't even really know you, so can't imagine how exciting it is for you!! We are awaiting word on when we'll go for try #3. Yes, we found out this week that try #2 didn't work (so not sure how to explain my teary outburst in ShopRite last weekend, lol). We are hopeful that third time is a charm for us too! Continues good wishes for you. - S&M

  5. Hey Jen and Meg - excellent pics its amazing how quickly its grown. Meg's doing a brill job!

    Our news this months 2WW ended eventually in a BFP :oD. It took 5 BFNs the usual heartache and AF not turning up for a week but its definately a BFP!

    Sorry to hijack your blog again but really wanted to let you both know x

  6. Natalie, I can't wait for that!!

    S & M, I'm so sorry. :-( I know how hard it is (especially when you want it so bad) Stay strong. Gear up for round 3 and think positive thoughts. It WILL happen! Meg and I are here for you...

    Kate, that's FANTASTIC!!!! Congratulations! Hijack away...and definitely keep us updated. Let me know when you get your beta results.


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