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Today's appointment began the same as any other, but will forever leave a lasting impression on my mind (and my heart)...

Meg and I were able to see and hear our baby's heartbeat for the first time today. It was absolutely amazing. I wish I had brought our flipcam because words can't even describe it!!! His/her heart was beating 122 beats per minute.

The doctor said it's a "perfect" healthy pregnancy!

Our next appointment is September 13th.


  1. What a wonderful day! Perhaps its a good thing you didn't have a camera - now it'll be a perfect memory that only you and Meg will share. Congratulations I'm so pleased everything is well x

  2. Congratulations! What an amazing day - you both must be ecstatic! We love following along and dream that we won't be too far behind!

  3. Awesome isn't it?!?!?!? Our first OB appt is on Sept 12th (11 wks 1ish days)...we hope they do another US so we can actually see something that looks like a baby! You guys are 6 wks or 7?


  4. Thanks, babymamas!! We'll be crossing our fingers and sending sticky thoughts your way (let us know when you're in the tww) We would love to talk to you!

    Natalie (& Tommie) It was unbelievable. I'm still in awe. That's so exciting about your ob appointment. I hope you like the doctor! We'll be 7 weeks on Monday.

  5. We do like her, she is Tommie's normal gyn dr. She is very gay friendly, young...infact she delivered her coworker Dr's gay partners twins last year. Have you guys seen the picture frames that say "under construction"...we need to find one and buy it - it is truly amazing - this entire process is!

  6. No, I haven't. I bought Meg a picture frame that has a cute saying...something about how it's amazing that something so little could inspire a love so great...I put the first ultrasound picture in it and gave it to her for our 8 year anniversary.

  7. So glad it went well even though I'm green with envy.
    Probably a good thing you didn't have a camera because now it is a perfect memory that only you and Meg can share x

  8. Congratz you guys!! That's really exciting!! :)

  9. Ah, yes! The green eyed monster...I know it all too well. I actually was just talking to our's weird because I made friends with a lot of women on the fertility boards on babycenter and naturally I want to see them through this process, but at the same time, I have realized that I'm now on the other side of things...I'm one of the pregnant people that I used to get frustrated with (well, not me physically, but you know what I mean) When you're ttc it's as if everyone and their mom is pregnant and it's so hard to stand, but I'm hoping that you (and anyone else who is reading this) find our story inspirational. I'm also hoping that people feel comfortable sharing their stories and experiences with us. It's not easy and we understand that.

    I hope that you find yourself in the same situation very soon!!!

    Thanks am-n-she!!!


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