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I think it's safe to say that Thursdays are already my least favorite day of the week...When I looked at my new schedule for the fall semester I realized that I have no prep on Thursday afternoons (meaning I will have my kids from 12-3) UGH! I really shouldn't complain though because poor Megan will have to student teach all day and then sit through a 2.5 hour senior seminar. She didn't get home until 8:15 tonight! 

While she was at class I was able to make copies for school, clean the litter box, vacuum, wash the dishes, feed the animals, write a paper for grad school, and enjoy a bowl of organic lucky charms. It's sad to say that the cereal was the highlight of my day. 

Meg is really exhausted and is feeling nauseous. I'm going to go spend some time with her before she falls asleep. Be back in 10 minutes (just kidding).

Can't wait for tomorrow's appointment...


  1. Sounds like you're looking forward to the next school break already lol :OD. I had an horrendous Thursday too so you maybe right. Good luck with todays appointment we're all thinking of you and poor Meg - hope the morning sickness eases soon x

  2. Yea, we're going to talk to the doctor. Two of our friends took medicine to ease the nausea, so we might just put that in our back pocket. Otherwise, I keep telling Meg it means our baby is healthy and growing. Seems to make her feel better, but she's definitely counting down to the second trimester...she was thinking that it would magically stop (and then her mom told her that some women are sick the entire time) lol

  3. I can't remember if I showed this to you or if you saw it, but my cousin is an OB nurse and this is the advice she gave us: First of all nausea is a good thing. Women who are nauseated during pregnancy are less likely to miscarry. Be positive and think positive. But here are some things to try. Okay this is going to be like typing up my nurse's note. B6 25 mg TID (this is three times a day). Ginger 350 mg TID. She can take Unisom Sleep Tabs 12.5-25 mg TID. She should wear the SeaBands on her wrists. Encourage her to eat small frequent high protein meals. Carbs only last a short time. She can also drink Carnation Instant Breakfast between meals. Encourage Tommie to drink plenty of water, just not all at once. Flavor it with some lemon or lime juice. Remember if blood sugar is low, she is dehydrated or stomach is empty nausea is worse. Zofran should be used if she is so nauseated she cannot eat or drink or if she is vomiting up 50% of what she is eating. Zofran is safe but it does have its side effects too. CONSTIPATION. So I would try the other stuff first. I have had some women say they didn't know which was worse the constipation or nausea. Just encourage her to get through one day at a time and soon she will be feeling better.

  4. The doctor just started Meg on a vitamin b-6 pill. It must be helping because she was able to eat chicken tonight (not a lot, but it counts!)

    Thanks for all of the tips. She has no appetite so it's hard to eat, but she definitely feels worse when her stomach is empty, so she keeps pretzels, crackers, apples, plums, etc. by her bedside and in her purse.

    I'm definitely going to look for those seabands (we're at the beach, so I'm hoping they will be easy to find) You are the second person who has recommended them.

    Hope you girls are holding up ok!

  5. I keep meaning to google them but haven't gotten around to it, but I shall do it now. I have never heard of them. I keep trying to get Tommie to take those pills but she has a hard time taking them so she won't do it! Guess she'll just have to be miserable. She has definitely started getting better. Still gets icky every once in a while but her appetite is back, food sounds good and she's keeping it all down! Hopefully Meg's doesn't last long either!

  6. Well, that's comforting!!! I'm glad she's feeling better (even if she still has her days) Hopefully we will get there soon. Until then, it's like you said, a sign of a healthy baby! (so I'll take, then again, I'm not the nauseous one!)


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