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Rough Night

As I get ready to start the last day of what was the longest week ever, I thought I should tell you about last night...

Meg didn't get home until 8:20 last night (which is pretty typical for Thursdays). On the phone, she asked me if I could make her a PB & J sandwich because she forgot to take her prenatal and felt hungry.

So, here we are, we're standing in the kitchen. She takes a bite of her sandwich; swallows it. She then takes a sip of caffeine free coke (helps her swallow the pills) and downs her first prenatal. She goes to swallow the second and spits up in the sink. I told her to go sit down and eat the rest of her sandwich and relax before trying again.

She insisted that she was going to throw up, but I told her to just breathe. She seemed to calm down as we  went upstairs. We were upstairs for less than 3 minutes when all of the sudden she ran to the sink and threw up (GROSS!)

What made it worse though, was she started dry heaving. I felt so bad.

I went out to the store to get Flinstone vitamins because our friend had recommended them for Meg's really bad days. I'm confident that my mom thinks I'm crazy. She told me that Meg would be okay to skip tonight, provided that she takes them tomorrow.

Add that to my list of returns!!!


  1. I know this sounds completely rediculas. But, I always keep cinnamon Teddy Grahams with me everywhere I go. If I get even the slightest bit hungry I munch on them to keep the nausea away. Worst case scenario and I end up puking, they taste just as amazing coming up as they do going down.

  2. :(

    Oh no. I hope Meg feels better today. And definitely missing a day of prenatals here and there is nothing to worry about.

  3. It's ok if she doesn't take the prenatals every day, but the flinstones might help if she thinks she won't be able to keep them down beforehand. I took them straight for a few weeks because the second I would put my prenatal in my mouth I would gag. Missing a day or two here and there's no big deal though :). Hope Meg feels better soon!

  4. Thanks for the support, ladies!!!

    Meg took a flinstone vitamin tonight. The thought of swallowing a pill was just too much. Hopefully she'll have a better day tomorrow.

  5. Have you considered abandoning pre-natal vitamins until the nausea has gone? You should be able to get everything you need from a good healthy diet and there are some great tips online about getting the most from your food. Drinking orange juice straight after or with green leafy veg gives you not only the vit c you need but helps release other vitamins from the food.
    I know its important to give the baby the best start but surely keeping Meg nourished hydrated and healthy is the best way of doing that.

  6. Kate, she's been taking flinstones complete. Not my first choice, but it's better than nothing. I just read online though that the baby will get what it needs from your body, so I'm sure that there is a lot of truth to what you said about eating a healthy diet. She's feeling better, so that's a plus!

  7. Glad she's on the mend and as long as she gets some folic acid everything else is a bonus. Fingers crossed the next trimester is a bit easier on her x


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