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The Debate

Hi everyone... Megan here. This is my first appearance on my wife's blog and I feel like it's a good one. We need all of you to settle a little debate we have going right now, so please... feel free to comment!

Anyway, Jen and I have both been a little stressed this week. With back to school, classes, and my looming morning sickness (that lasts all day) we both are tired. Today though, we were both on each other's nerves. I told Jen she was hormonal, and she told me likewise. We kinda cooled down and were relaxing when Jen started texting a friend of ours ( don't worry, I'm not mad at you!) She texted for a few minutes and then stopped. An hour later, I saw on her phone that she had a text message, so I told her.

I am usually really good about not checking her phone, but Jen said I could check it... BIG mistake. I looked at the text and got the second one first, which made no sense so I had to go back, and read Jen's old texts she sent the friend because she didn't even understand her own texts... ok... so I read it and it said: "Meg is ok. nauseous and hormonal though she swears its all my fault" ( btw that is a direct quote... I am not kidding here!)

I was like... what is this!!! How could you write this!!! It was not all my fault!!! She told me she didn't mean it that way. What other way could you mean it?!

So, what do you think? Should I be slightly upset about what my wife just wrote to our friend?? I am really not super mad.. just teasing her about what she said. I obviously have to be lighthearted about all this stuff.. she posts about my mishaps everyday:)

 I just thought I should poll the audience and see what everyone thought!!

Thanks for listening!


  1. Ok, in my defense I REALLY didn't mean anything by it! I simply meant that you were saying that everything was my fault.

    In turn, I now realize that I was doing the exact same thing by saying you were hormonal.

    I apologize for my ignorant remarks...perhaps I'm pregnant?!?! I love you!!!

  2. LMAO. Jen, you are wrong. You will always be wrong (at least for the next 7 + months) so get down on your knees, kiss her feet...begggggg for forgiveness...and then make it up to her someway.

    Shame on you!

    (this is what I have learned to do...pregnant women are always right and anything that makes OUR suffering any less, I do!)


    p.s. i'll be here all week for any further pregnant women advice!

  3. You two are so cute!

    Jen I fully sympathise and applaud your attempt to diffuse the situation by texting a friend instead of arguing with your wife.

    With that said Meg I would've gone toxic and would probably still be screaming wHich just goes to show you can't be hormonal or you wouldn't be laughing about it.

    Keep posting both its addictive to read and I've started to keep a little diary of my own so that El knows what I'm Thinking.

  4. haha, natalie I will try to remember your advice!!! It sounds as though it's in my best interest.

    Kate, thank you for seeing both sides of the argument!

    I love that you started keeping a diary!!

  5. lol you two are so funny!!!! Jen just get used to it!!! and Meg at least she is not arguing back with you! You have to let her vent so someone!!!

    Believe me I know when Nikki gets pregnant and keeps it I am in for a world of hurt!!!

    Good luck to you both!


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