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Back to School

It's been a while since I last posted. This week was our first week back to school, so things were a little hectic.

But, I'm happy to report that Meg enjoyed her first week of student teaching. The mornings are definitely difficult for her. She feels nauseous and has trouble deciding what to wear (because she feels fat...which she's not!!) She just told me she has a "pregnancy belly that's not pregnancy related. It's just fat." *sigh* Women.

She's rocking the sea bands before school, during lunch, and after school, but they're not as effective as she once thought.  She doesn't want to wear them in front of the students. She thinks it's bad enough that she has to eat constantly in front of them...Maybe she will change her mind when she starts wearing long sleeves! Then again, by the time the weather gets cooler she should be feeling better!!!

She's only 7.5 weeks right now, so it's hard to believe that by the time she finishes student teaching she will be around 5 months pregnant!!!

In other news, after a long hiatus from red meat, Meg has succumbed to her body's desires. I think I mentioned that she ate a cheesesteak not so long ago. Well, last night she tried a bite of a cheeseburger, but said it tasted weird. I gave her my turkey burger instead. She enjoyed it!

What's weird is that Meg spends a lot of time watching the food network. I have no idea what her body feels like, but when I'm nauseous the last thing I want to do is look at food.

Hmm...what else do I have to tell you?? Oh, I remember! Last night Meg could barely get down her prenatal vitamin. She was plagued by a horrible gag reflex. She actually spit up water all over the floor in whole foods. I thought she was going to throw up, but she managed to calm herself down. When we got home, she wasted 2 more vitamins, one of which she tried cutting in half. She finally got the 4th one down.

She has weird white spots developing on her legs and a few hive like bumps on her arms. I don't know what that's about. I told her she is probably allergic to apples...she eats them for breakfast, snack, and throughout the night..I was only half serious.

All in all, she's doing well. We go back to the doctor on Tuesday. I can't wait to see our munchkin. Our weekly email said that the baby has doubled in size and is now the size of a blueberry!!!

As for me, my class (while extremely large) is great. It's going to be a good year.

I promise I'll try to post more often...just need to get back into the swing of things. I definitely need to get to my mom's house to scan our last ultrasound picture...I'm soooo late!


  1. Just a suggestion: ask the Doctor about taking Flinstones or another chewable vitamin on the days she can't keep down her prenatal. I did this for the first few weeks because I could NOT keep my prenatals down. Taking them at night helped a little, but there were days it just wasn't happening. The bad news is although I don't get sick anymore, my gag reflex is still wicked. Brushing my teeth is still hard sometimes.

    Jolly ranchers helped me a lot with nausea as did anything peppermint scented. I wore peppermint hand lotion and would actually put a little dot under my nose. That helped a lot, but I guess only if you like peppermint. I couldn't stand any other strong scents.

    Glad everything's going well :)

  2. Hey!!! I just spoke to the boss and she agreed with your toothpaste comment. She's already set up with peppermints. We'll definitely look into the vitamins. I used to love Flinstones!!!

    Oh, and thanks for continuing to "stalk me." Meg told me I am going to lose followers if I don't start writing more often.

    I told her my "fans" would understand that I just started working again and have 2 grad classes...I'm a little overwhelmed!!!

    BUT, I promise to make more of an effort to keep you (and my other official followers) happy!! Did you like that dig??? Sign up already!!! lol, love you!!! Say hello to Jason!

  3. I hope Meg feels better soon! That's gotta be so hard in general but especially while at work.
    Oh and I was completely nosey and read your comment, I'll still stalk your blog even though you can't post as much, don't you worry. ;-)

  4. HAHA, works for me!!! Spread the word, will you??? I want 100 fans!!! (then I'll feel really famous)

    Hope you're doing well...thanks for the well wishes


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