Monday, September 5, 2011


Today I bought Meg preggie pops. They're like sour lifesavers for pregnant women. She only ate a few, but said they helped. At this point, I would buy into any gimmick if it made her feel better! (The fact that they only cost $4.00 was an added bonus)

Bad news, preggie pops are only a short term fix (still worth trying). Good news, we stopped at Rite Aid and picked up Sea bands (apparently they work for sea sickness, motion sickness, and morning sickness) Who knew?

Oh, and they look really cool too!!! lol, Meg looks like she is sweating to the 80's. I'm not even kidding. They're slightly smaller than sweat bands, but have a white dot on the inside of your wrist.

She got over the appearance factor quickly because she actually felt like herself. She folded the wash, emptied the dishwasher, and even managed to eat half a beef cheesesteak (She hasn't eaten red meat in over 9 months, so this was huge!)

Sea bands might just be the ticket to surviving the remainder of the first trimester. Stay tuned...


  1. Have you tried ginger gum yet? I never had it but it is supposed to help with the nausea.

    Just in case she gets worried about being fashionable.


  2. does it taste like ginger? I bought her ginger chews and ginger hard candy and she HATED them! lol

  3. Love the tip on the sea bands. I have a pair from sailing that I'll keep handy in case Sara needs it. Funny that they are like sweat bands - I'll have to get some old work out videos with Jane Fonda out :).
    - Michelle

  4. yea, they really helped Meg yesterday (today, not so much!) She apparently heard "I think we're alone now" by Tiffany on the radio this morning and started cracking up.

  5. The gum probably does taste like ginger.

    At least the sea bands work!

  6. Hi, ladies!
    We hope you are doing well and are safe from flood waters. We have missed your postings. Your KY followers, LATA.

  7. Hi, we're doing well!!! We weren't affected by the floods...thankfully. Hope you're doing well.