Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It's been a while since I last blogged. (I know, I know) I really stink at keeping up with this now that school is back in session.

Truth is, there hasn't been much to tell. Meg had another throw up incident. Apparently dairy is not her friend right now. (Gross!) Moving on...her hives have started to clear up ever since she stopped the (gummy) prenatal vitamins.

She takes oatmeal baths like it's her job (the hives are still pretty bad in spots). The calamine lotion has been cut back, so I regret to inform you that the pink panther (cue the music) is no longer with us. You have no idea how much I am going to miss that smell! Kidding.

A friend asked me today what Meg's "go to" foods have been. It took me a moment to answer...I'm sure the weird cravings are still to come, but her safe foods definitely tend to be cheerios, peanut butter sandwiches, apples, plums, english muffins, and granola bars. She gave up on bananas for a while, but they're now back into action (provided that they're mostly green!)

Did I mention that it takes Meg roughly 14 hours to eat a cracker? Could you imagine if we went out to eat...we would have to order dessert right when we sat down...otherwise the kitchen would close! HA!

Meg has been on a mexican kick lately. She insisted on buying chili con queso, tortilla chips, and guacamole (I haven't seen her try any of it!!). It will be interesting to see how she handles tacos tomorrow night (pizza gives her indigestion!)

In terms of hormones, she was all over the place this past week. Nothing memorable...just snappy and short. BUT, things have mellowed out again, so that's a plus!!!

Alright, enough rambling. I'll leave you with this, our countdown thingamajig says we only have 211 days left!!!


  1. Jen- your blog us helping keep me awake during these middle of the night nursing sessions, thank you!

    Congrats again! I'm reading the blog from newest to oldest, so you may already have these ideas, but...

    If Meg is still having irritable skin, there's a company called "California Baby" and they make a lotion that is apparently magic! I use their soap and diaper cream on my newborn and just recently checked out their Facebook- rave reviews for all ages!

    I see that you're obsessed with recording the heartbeat- I was too! We bought a recordable thing from Build a Bear, recorded the hb and then made a bear for him with his hb in it.

    I'll continue stalking your blog. I wish you both (three?!!) the best of luck!

    -Amanda Cullen (Rusden)

  2. Amanda, thank you so much! Oh, and I LOVE, LOVE the build a bear idea. So cute!

    The hives have gotten better, but she still gets itchy now and again...nothing like they were before! (Thankfully!)

    I'm so glad I was able to keep you awake while nursing...lol, I guess that will soon be our lives!