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Paparazzi, leaves, and waiting, oh my!

We've been counting down the days for the last two weeks...our first OB appointment was finally here!!!

We left the house this morning at 7:30, but before running out the door, I grabbed the camera and the flip video camera...I wasn't going to miss an opportunity to capture our baby's heartbeat again!

On the way into the city we talked about all things baby...we were two hours early for my neurologist appointment, so we decided to stop at Starbucks. There, we filled out our new patient paperwork. Did I mention how excited we were???

By the time the appointment was finished, it was almost time for lunch. I'd been telling Meg about White Dog's awesome cheeseburgers for quite some time, so it was only fair that we go there. (I'd be lying if I said this wasn't part of the plan all along!!!)

Unfortunately, Meg's stomach started acting up (most likely from the queso from last night's Mexican fiesta!). She was able to enjoy half of the cheeseburger, but still felt unsettled the entire ride home. 

We stopped at my mom's house to use the bathroom and drop off leftovers before heading to our appointment.

As we walked through the door, Meg headed to the check in counter. In the waiting room, sat a young couple, a teenage girl, a mom, and two children (one of which I couldn't identify as a boy or girl)..I'll come back to this in a bit!

The floor was covered with leaves and it seemed as though every patient was waiting to see the same doctor as us! First impressions went downhill from there...

Meg went to use the bathroom. The nurse called the young couple and mom back at the same time (slightly unconventional in my opinion, but what do I know). The teenager left with her mom. So yea, I was left sitting with the two children. 

Here I am minding my own business, watching Rachel Ray dice up some onions, when all of the sudden I hear the shutter sound on their iPod. I ignored it once, but after the second picture my curiosity peaked...the kids were taking pictures of me!!! I'm accustomed to the Justin Bieber comments at school, but pictures in an OB office...really? Since when did the paparazzi start recruiting kids?

When I told Meg that the children took at least 6 pictures of me she couldn't stop laughing. While I too thought it was hilarious, I jumped up the minute the nurse called Meg's name. We were taken back to this tiny room (only 30 minutes after our scheduled appointment time).

The floor had a rust stain that looked like smeared poop. The air smelled of strong chemicals. I couldn't believe we were sitting there. How did we go from the top of the world to this? (I thought to myself). The nurse instructed Meg to put on the gown and get ready for her pap smear. We asked what to expect from the rest of the appointment...there was no mention of hearing the baby's heartbeat. We were beyond disappointed. 

We waited and waited and waited. We heard the rain falling against the window and the thunder booming in the background, but Meg and I weren't at peace. Instead, we couldn't help but think we made the wrong choice. I contemplated walking out, but thought we should at least wait to meet the doctor.

Thirty minutes later, the doctor walked in, shook both of our hands, greeted us with a warm smile and said, "Congratulations." Instantly, all of our fears went away. 

She asked Meg about her medical background and told us that she wanted to try and listen to the heartbeat a little later (We were so excited!!!). She gave Meg a breast exam and a pelvic exam (she said Meg definitely had a baby in her uterus!) She then said Meg was okay not to have a pap smear since she just had one recently. Things were looking up...

We talked about genetic testing. While it's only a blood test and an ultrasound, Meg and I have opted not to pursue it. We agreed that we would never abort our child, so it just makes sense for us not to worry for the rest of the pregnancy about something that may or not actually happen.

Sadly, the doc wasn't able to find a clear heartbeat on the portable doppler thingamajig. She thought she heard something, but said it's still a little early. 

We go back in two weeks, so that she can review the paperwork from RMA (they hadn't received it yet) and we can try again for the heartbeat. After that it's every 4 weeks for a while. 


  1. How far along are ya'll? Sucks that you had a dismal start to your OB appt. Our OB dr is so freaking awesome it's ridiculous...and her nurse is even better!!!!

    In fact, we weren't going to be able to find out the sex of the baby till like 19 wks cuz our first OB appt was at 11 wks - so that put the next one at 15 wks which we thought was too soon to tell the sex...AND our dr will not sign the release to do the 3/4d ultrasound because it's against the hospitals policy (not our drs), I FINALLY got my chest xray for the tb skin test, while we were waiting our OB nurse walked in! We chatted and she is going to reschedule our appt one day so I can go and she is going to do an ultrasound for us so we can try to figure out the sex!!!! We thought that was pretty awesome of her!

    Meg feeling any better or is it still constant? Tommie still gets sick every once in awhile...but getting better.


  2. It was pretty bad, but the doctor more than made up for it! Plus, we'll deliver at a brand new hospital, so that's a plus.

    We're ten weeks...11 this Wednesday.

    That's awesome about your nurse. Can't wait to find out what you're having.

    Meg is doing alright. She still gets nauseous, but her hives are getting better!

  3. Thats good the hives are going away...that has got to be one of the most miserable things!

    I would be stoked to be delivering at a new hospital too! We don't have any of those around here so we stuck with a non religious hospital lol...I work for a catholic hospital (i am catholic) but they are very anti gay and all that...their insurance won't even pay for women to get birth control - it's kinda crazy...

    Does meg have any intuitions on what ya'll are having? Tommie swears up and down we are having a girl...says she doesn't know why she feels that way - just has a strong feeling. LoL...i'm starting to think so too just because I want a boy so bad!

    Are you guys announcing the baby when you are 13 or 14 weeks?

  4. I feel like it's going to be a boy (only because everyone we know is having a girl) We would love a boy, but would be happy with a girl...we just have to agree on a name!! lol

    Ya, the hospital is pretty exciting. It opens in November, so it will be up and running long before we need to visit (which is good)

    I think we'll tell everyone after the first trimester. Can't wait for that day.

  5. Names...sigh...we found boy names to be so fact we almost have so many picked out we were having a hard time picking just one. As far as girl names though....took us forever!

    I think I like a more traditional name for a girl and a more unique name for a boy - Tommie likes unique for both.

    Are you guys keeping your names a secret?

  6. I wouldn't say we are keeping it a secret, but I don't know how many people we have officially told. If it's a boy, the name will be Greyson Douglas (middle name after my father). The baby will take my last name (Meg will officially change hers after she finishes school in December)

    If it's a girl, I have no idea! We like so many names, but they've been taken or have been claimed. Meg loves Avery. I think it's cute for a boy.

    We both like Cameron. Ava was mentioned. I feel like there was another name, but I can't think of it.


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