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Late Night Run

I'm sound asleep (practically sitting up in fear of breaking out into another coughing fit), when all of the sudden Meg wakes me up saying she's in pain. I shoot out of bed and say, "I'm on it!"

Here I am...It's 1:30am and I'm about to go on my first late night run. I have to admit, I was kind of excited. Meg pleaded with me not to go, but I told her I would be back in 7 minutes. I got her an ice pack and went on my way.

Everything was dark. The streetlights were blinking. There were deer everywhere! The strangest part, though, was how many cars were out.  It was by no means trafficky, but I couldn't help, but wonder what the hell they were all doing. I mean the gas stations in our area close at 9 on the weekends!!!

Anyhow, I pulled up to 7-11 and asked the clerk if he had any calamine lotion. He told me he just sold his last bottle at 10:30. Just my luck...

I asked him if he knew of any other 24 hour places, but he was sending me 20+ minutes away.

I called Meg and told her that I was going to try a different place. I drove 15 minutes to a different town (makes it sound like we live in the boonies...we really don't, lol)

I had to navigate through some drunken teenagers in order to walk through wawa's doors. It was the biggest waste of time. They didn't even have pads (not that I was looking for them...just figured that was a staple a convenience store should carry!)

I got back in the car and decided to try the two 24 hour gas stations. No such luck.

I was half tempted to drive to the 24 hour walmart, but I decided that if I was Meg I would rather have someone home with me.

I couldn't believe I was coming home from my first late night run empty handed. What a failure...

Shortly after I got home, Meg managed to go back to sleep. We woke up early and headed to Whole Foods. There, we bought coconut oil, calamine/aloe lotion, and some poison ivy/rash soap (from burts burned, so we won't be using that again!)

Meg just took another oatmeal bath and we covered her body in the coconut oil...

Coconut oil is the strangest thing ever...You have to heat the jar under warm water until it becomes a liquid. You can use it to sauté, moisturize your skin...Either way, it gives your body "good fat." Weird, right???

Meg said she feels very oily, but aside from some itchy spots, she feels least for now!


  1. What the heck is she allergic to that she's breaking out in hives????

    Since ya'll like organic stuff, have you tried oxyhives? I hear that it works really good and is safe in pregnancy. It's an oral spray.

    Good luck with that and hope your next midnight run is for something more interesting like pickles and peanut butter!


  2. Not that I recommend this, but a guy at work just got poison ivy too and he devised some at-home remedies. He made a paste of baking soda and vinegar that he rubbed on his rash. After it dried up a little he washed it off with alcohol and now it doesn't itch... But Ashley says there's a homeopathic remedy that you can find at Whole Foods specifically for poison ivy that helped her with her bout last year.

  3. The Mom's...that sounds like it would be painful! I put aloe on her and that burned. The calamine lotion really helped last night. She was able to sleep through the night without taking a benadryl! Oh, and we bought special soap from whole foods for poison ivy and she yelped...apparently poison ivy is not synonymous with hive relief (whoops!!!)

    Natalie...I have a theory..I'll keep you posted, but evidently pregnant women can get hives. Apparently your hormones get that out of wack that your body starts producing antihistamines and that's when the hives come out. I'm hoping my theory is correct though because I can't imagine another 7 months like this.

  4. Yeah I read about that....and some people get them like that just randomly without being pregnant. I think I read that it can last the entire pregnancy...that sure would suck it that's the case!!!!!!

    Is ya'lls dr gonna allow a 3d/4d ultrasound? My brother and his wife just had their's done today (sex determination) they are 16 wks...sure looked like a little alien! But, it's ANOTHER poor guy has a house full of girls! One wife and now 3 daughters....I'm still hoping for that boy!

  5. Our first doctor's appointment is next Thursday, but I don't see why not (not sure we're definitely going to have one done...we haven't really talked about it yet)

    I don't know how I feel anymore. Initially I was hoping for a boy because we couldn't agree on a girl's name, but now I just want a baby.


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