Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Meg used the last of our pregnancy tests this morning. What?!? It's fun when you know it's going to be positive!!! We're both very anxious to go to the doctor tomorrow and get this show on the road...did I mention how much I hate waiting?!?!

Last night we spent about an hour rummaging through the closet in the guest room. Meg made piles of what to donate, what to get rid of, and what to sell (we're planning on having a garage sale, but if that fails, we're taking it to my family's consignment shop) Either way, it's leaving the house!! 

My best friend is coming over for dinner tonight. She's an amazing artist and wants to take a peek at the future nursery. I'm just excited to see her (and I know Meg is too!) and to take her to our favorite organic pizza place. It's SOOO good!

For all of my friends who are ttc...I'm crossing my fingers and waiting to hear about some BFP!

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