Monday, August 1, 2011

Empty Guest Room

When Meg and I started looking for a townhouse, we knew we needed a place with at least 2 bedrooms. While our house had many attributes at the time, the nursery was the defining feature. With laminate floors, two large windows that fill the room with natural light, chair rail molding, built-in closet organizers, and gender neutral green paint, the room was perfect for a baby..

For the last two years, the room has been set up as a guest room. Much to our dismay, the primary guest was our cat.

Prior to trying to conceive, we knew that we needed to clean out the room (and train our cat to stay out). We gave the bedroom set to our friends, dusted, and vacuumed...Pretty's hair was EVERYWHERE (on the bed, on the curtains, you name it!). It was gross!

We go back to the doctor's tomorrow morning to find out when we will inseminate again. I can't help, but dream that we will soon be able to make our empty guest room a nursery. 

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