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Visiting a Friend

I was wide awake at 3:45 this morning. I thought about grabbing the computer and blogging (since I've slacked off again) but I was afraid I would wake up Megan. Instead, I sat in bed thinking about all of the things I still need to do before school crayons, pencils, scissors, glue, notebooks, folders, oh,  and pregnancy tests.

I've been so anxious about the upcoming school year that I haven't had a lot of time to analyze Meg's "symptoms" or to obsess about the two week wait. I've even managed to stay away from babycenter (my addiction during our second cycle). That being said, the only symptoms worth reporting (at this time) are some constipation, bloating, and mild cramping on the right side. Oh, and moodiness. It's still early though, so we'll have to wait and see.

Last night we stopped by my childhood best friend's house to see her daughter, Kallie. She was born less than a month ago and is absolutely gorgeous. She was sleeping when we first got to the house, so we were able to sit down and catch up. My favorite part was hearing about all of the things that happen after giving birth!!! lol, eek!!! (All I'm saying is that I will no longer complain about getting my period!) When the baby woke up my friend asked if we wanted to hold her (after she had a full belly, of course!!!).

Meg is like the baby whisperer. She's seriously amazing. She's read countless books and has worked as a nanny and as the lead teacher in the baby room. Everything is just second nature to her (and she makes everything look easy!). Needless to say, I let her hold Kallie first. Meg looked so happy. I made a joke about Kallie stirring up fertility hormones and helping us to get pregnant (wouldn't that be awesome?!?!)

After a few minutes Meg asked if I wanted to hold her. To say that I was nervous would be an understatement. I was absolutely terrified (I'm used to obnoxious 5th graders not babies!!!) but I figured I needed to learn at some point. I washed my hands and held out my arms. Kallie squirmed for a little and then fell asleep. She didn't cry!!! I was ecstatic (I actually got tears in my eyes). Just to be clear, I didn't get teary-eyed because the baby didn't cry. It was just that I was overwhelmed with happiness for my friend and their beautiful addition to their family.

I can't wait for Meg and I to get to that point. I really hope this time worked!


  1. This stupid thing won't let us comment with our account Tommalie8910, but we just wanted to say that we absolutely love reading your two definitely remind us of US!!!! We wish you two all the luck and baby dust!!!

  2. Aw, thank you!!! We need all the luck we can get!!!! (sorry it wouldn't let you post with your username...stupid technology!)


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