Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Third Time's a Charm

I had a hard time sleeping last night. I guess I was just anxious about our doctor's appointment...

Keeping with tradition, I entertained the office while Meg had her blood drawn. I rocked Meg's purse on my shoulder and asked them if I looked pretty. (lol, it's truly amazing that Meg still lets me go with her!) The nurse took us back to the room and I assumed my second role...door locker. I have to make sure the alternate door to the bathroom is locked while in use and then unlocked when we leave the bathroom (so the patient in the other room can use it) I'm always so afraid that I'm going to open the door on the other patient...that would be embarrassing!

While we were waiting for the doctor, I managed to convince Meg to take a picture with me (it didn't turn out well) I don't know what my problem is, but I can only take pictures holding the camera in my left hand. The right hand covers the flash. When Meg tries to take the picture she gets super frustrated, so I didn't even bother asking her today.

The doctor walked in and asked us if we were stalking him (he was kidding). I think we make him a little nervous. We caught him putting lube on the ultrasound wand prior to putting the condom on. He then had to put lube on the outside, lol. It was amusing, but I didn't laugh.

It didn't take long for him to find Meg's gigantic follicle. It looked like an orange and seriously dwarfed all of the others. The doc measured the diameter at 27.5 mm. (last cycle she had a 22 mm follicle). He said her lining looked great too. It measured 14.7  (last time it was 13)

I took lunch to Meg's work and we continued to debate whether the insemination would take place tomorrow or Thursday. The doctor finally called and told us that her estrogen level was 300 (last time it was 255) and then proceeded to schedule us for a 7:30 appointment tomorrow morning (I knew it!!!)

We thought everything looked perfect last cycle, but it seems as though things are shaping up to be even better this time around. "Third time's a charm."

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