Sunday, August 21, 2011


Here is a list of things that agitated Meg yesterday:
  • Me
  • Loud Chatty People ("I can't think or enjoy my caesar salad because he won't stop talking!!!")
  • People who take 100 pictures of their food/lunch (same guy as up above)
  • Cashiers that crush groceries
  • People who have pitchforks and hay in their pick up
  • People who go to McDonalds (sorry if that offends anyone!)
  • People who brake too much
  • People who walk too slow in grocery stores
  • Taking too long of a nap (me)
  • Did I mention me?
Today should be interesting...


  1. Better get use to it! LOL, Tommie was a terror yesterday...was even mad at our dog for leaving her toys around the house - she threw a nylabone across the room - almost dented the wall. I stayed clear of her!!!!!!!!!! She's better this morning so far.

    Natalie and Tommie

  2. HAHA!!! It was fine when we were out because the focus was on other people, but once we got home there was only one thing to!

    She's sleepy today, so things have been better.

    I'm glad I have you to talk to!!! When did the morning sickness start? I'm worried that's coming soon! You have to give me a heads up on these things!!!

  3. My nausea started at a little over 5 weeks but I didn't start actually getting sick until exactly 7 weeks (at Rick and Rachel's wedding, go figure). It was worst between 12-16 for me.

    It's different for everyone, one of my friends was never sick at all so hopefully Meg skips that part :)

    Poor Jason's had to put up with a lot of my mood swings. I yelled at him the other day for putting too much juice in my glass. *insert mortified face here*


  4. Tommie started getting morning sickness around 6 wks - she thought she wasn't going to get it cuz no other women in her family got it (amazingly). I think she had one little weird episode before 6 wks but didn't start everyday till 6 wks for sure!

    Definitely - it's so nice to go through this with other people, to be able to talk about things - specially ppl who understand EVERY aspect of it - lesbians, RE's, IUI's, etc...

    Add us on FB - Natalie and Tommie Wartick

  5. Well that makes me feel a little better...maybe this is just a taste of what is to come!

    I sent you both a friend request.