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Meg took another test this morning. She's still pregnant! 4 weeks, this Wednesday, to be exact.

Confused??? Yea, I was too. I actually googled it because my mind was completely baffled. I didn't understand how she could be 4 weeks pregnant when we just inseminated 2 weeks ago...turns out it goes off of the first day of your last period. 

That's not the only thing I learned...I also learned that our munchkin is smaller than a grain of rice. How insane is that?!?! I'm never going to look at food the same way!

Speaking of food, I took a trip to whole foods today. It wasn't as fun without Megan, but it gave me time to search for items to put in a surprise pregnancy survival basket...

I bought her the book, Your Pregnancy Week by Week, a prenatal yoga dvd, more (organic) prenatal vitamins, dark chocolate, ginger candy, mints, and gum (without artificial sweeteners). I also bought her shampoo, conditioner, face moisturizer, body lotion, and chapstick. Oh, and a brita! 

I arranged all of the goodies in a basket and left it on the dining room table for her to see when she got home. Much better than flowers, right?!?

In terms of symptoms, Meg is feeling a little sleepy and "car sick" today. Her stomach feels very unsettled (she had diarrhea this morning and is extremely gassy...poor thing). Her boobs are also sore. 

On a more positive note, our friend gave us a present today...a knitted picture of three butterflies (framed). Thanks, Amanda!!!

Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy!!


  1. What a truly thoughtful gift. Congratulations. I'm only a day behind you, my third IUI was on August 4 - but I won't let myself test until Thursday. Although, I gotta admit...feels like AF is coming. Last month she was four days late. She didn't show up today, but I'm still waiting.

  2. Thanks, Jennifer!!! Good luck on the test!!! I hope it's not AF!!! Keep me posted! Sending good vibes your way...

  3. So sweet of you, Jen! Can't wait to see what you Gals (that what my grandmother called all of us) are up to next!

  4. well tomorrow we go to the doc, so that's exciting!!!


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