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So, Meg decided to tell her mom last night. She was a nervous wreck and insisted on making the phone call before driving home (she couldn't wait any longer). I grabbed my keys and started driving towards her work!!!

A few minutes later Meg called. She wasn't crying. She sounded relieved. I asked her how it went and what she said. Turns out she told her mom not to say anything at first and to just think things over (smart move on her part).

Her first question was, of course, "How?" Meg briefly explained the process and told her mom that she is 4 weeks pregnant. Her mom said congrats and that she would pass the news onto Meg's dad and brother.

She was definitely surprised, but she didn't yell or say anything judgmental...Meg and I concluded that it was the best response we could have hoped for!

This morning Meg and I went back to the doctors for our second beta. We were sitting in the waiting room when Meg realized she had two text messages: one from her brother saying, "so I hear I'm going to be an uncle...congratulations!" and the other from her mom saying, "can you please call me when you get a sec?" Meg started freaking out.

I reassured her that nothing was wrong and that it could be completely unrelated. A few moments later the nurse called Meg back. We were sitting in the room waiting for the nurse to draw Meg's blood when our doctor walked in and said, "well?" I told him that it worked and said, "I just want to hug you!" He opened his arms and gave me two giant hugs and then proceeded to hug Megan (who was practically in a high chair with a needle about to stick her arm!!)

He asked about her numbers and the nurse practitioner said they looked fantastic. She then asked how many follicles Meg had and he said, "I don't remember." Lol, he cracks me up. The nurse practitioner told us she would call with the second beta results later today and that we would most likely come back in next week for an ultrasound to see if there was one or two. "I'm sorry what did you just say," I asked. I walked out of the office shrieking. "Twins? She thinks there is a possibility that we're having twins??" Meg said that it would be a blessing...I'm still freaking out.

Meg called her mom when we got in the car (she put it on speakerphone so I could listen). Her mom sounded fine. She asked if she could tell Meg's Aunt and Grandmom. Meg said, "Of course." She then said, "I'm glad you didn't keep this from us. We want to be a part of it."

The conversation concluded with Meg's mom saying that she is going to hold onto Meg's niece's clothing in case we have a girl. My heart just melted.

What a relief!

The doctor called about an hour ago and told us that Meg's beta jumped from 258 to 651! (16dpo) Her progesterone declined a little bit to 15, but the doctor said there was no reason for concern (as it is still well above 10)

I, (panicking), made Megan call back and double check whether it was truly okay for us to continue the natural cycle. The doctor reassured Meg that progesterone levels do not increase like the hcg, but can vary from day to day until leveling off. Meg laughed and apologized for my behavior. Our next appointment is Monday at 7! Whoops!!!


  1. Good luck!!!! Megs numbers sound about how mine sounded back in 2007.... at 7 weeks I found out I was having TWINS!!!!!! Good luck! It is truly a blessing to have twins! and NOT as hard as everyone makes it out to be! Please use me for support if you find out that is where this is going!

    I will keep you both in our prayers during this journey!

  2. I will definitely keep you updated!!! How are you girls doing? Did you test again?!?

    I will undoubtedly come to you for support twins or not!


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