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Yet another road trip...

Yesterday Meg and I took Avery on yet another road trip...this time to the Lehigh Valley area. There, we visited Meg's cousin Will and his wife Joanna.

Along the way Meg spotted a herd of cattle. She informed me that she thought brown cows were used for meat and black and white cows were used for milk. Not believing her, I said, "You're wrong. Brown cows make chocolate milk!"

After further research, I think Meg might actually have been right (don't tell her I said that!)

Anyway...Will and Joanna's new house was beautiful and huge! As always, Avery fell in love with the ceiling fans. She took a great nap and allowed us to enjoy our awesome lunch....we had vegetable kabobs, corn, bbq chicken, and grilled potatoes on skewers (I highly recommend trying the potatoes...yum!!!)

Here are some pictures from our road trip:

It was a great day...until we got home and Avery decided to give us a scare. I still don't know what happened. Avery's been very spit-uppy since having her vaccines and she often spit ups when she gets I'm thinking it was a combination...

Here is what happened...when we arrived home I took her out of her car seat. She was really fussy and wouldn't stop crying. I held her until she calmed down. I then went to change her diaper and put on a clean onesie for bed. All of the sudden, Avery spit up A LOT of clear liquid. It shot out of her nose and mouth and because she was on her back she swallowed some.

I immediately picked her up, but she wasn't making noise. She wasn't coughing. She wasn't crying. She wasn't breathing.

Fortunately, it only lasted a few seconds, but they were the LONGEST seconds of my life.

Avery was a little uncomfortable after it happened, which was completely understandable...think about's like when you were little and you would laugh so hard that your drink would come out of your burns!!!

She was fine by the time bedtime hit BUT around 9:30 our township decided to start setting off the 4th of July fireworks (I guess they were canceled Saturday night because of the storm??).

While it was awesome to watch the fireworks from bed in our air conditioned house, Meg and I were both anxious that Avery was going to wake up...

BUT...the little girl slept through the entire thing including the finale!!!

The night went downhill from there...She woke up at 5:30 with a massive poop (stupid rotavirus vaccine). She was so tired that she only drank a few ounces before falling back asleep. She then woke up around 7 with a dingleberry...I've only seen it happen to dogs, but apparently babies can also suffer from dried poop hanging from their butts...poor little girl!


  1. OMG, I just had a flashback reading your post! When Gracie was 2½ months old my wife put a few drops in her nose for congestion, turned to grab a diaper and when she turned back the baby had white foam looking stuff coming out of her nose and mouth and looked like she wasn’t breathing. Everything was ok but to this day G says it was the scariest 2 minutes of her life!

    I’m so glad that everything was ok with Avery! She is getting so big and is such a happy little babe. :)

    1. Oh wow! That sounds terrifying!!

      Avery is getting huge!!!


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