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Busy Day

I'm sure you remember how excited Meg and I were a few weeks ago when we paid the balance at our lawyer's office and signed all of our adoption paperwork. It was a huge day for us. We felt like a weight was lifted off of our shoulders. We were all set to wait for a court date.

Now, imagine our surprise when we opened our mail to find out that we still needed to schedule appointments for fingerprinting in New Jersey. Oh, and that the deadline for filing is August 1st!

Needless to say, we began our day in Ewing, New Jersey. The fingerprinting took all of 10 minutes. We then headed to North Jersey to visit Jack, Phyllis, and Kerry!

Avery was VERY cranky by the time we got to the house...she was tired and hungry, but worst of all, she was sitting in a poop. We got her cleaned up and started feeding her lunch. Fortunately, Jack had to eat too!

Afterwards, Avery handed Jack his present (she picked it out at the zoo!). Phyllis helped Jack open it and became insanely excited. So much, that most of the pictures came out blurry! Avery bought Jack a SLOTH!!!

Jack fell in love instantly. We let him enjoy his new friend before putting him in his super intense bouncer. Avery assumed her position on the floor on Jack's playmat.

The two played side by side while we ate lunch (organic pizza from Whole Foods!)

It was amazing except for the fact that I embarrassed myself...I thought the electronic box in the kitchen read 104 degrees...Phyllis and Megan informed me that it was an I-home AND that it was 1:04pm! Whoops!

After lunch Avery went down for a nap. She looked pretty cozy in her pack n play in Jack's room! She only slept for an hour, but woke up ready for a photo shoot.

We took several pictures, but Phyllis thought it would be best if Jack and Avery were color coordinated. Hearing his mom's comments, Jack drooled all over his shirt and insisted on a wardrobe change.

Here are the pictures from today's playdate...I can't even put into words how amazing it is to watch Avery and Jack grow up...together!

Finally...Two smiles!!!


"I don't know how I feel about your bow, Avery"

"Give me it!"

Who knew Avery's dress could be used as a twister game.."Right hand blue, Jack!"

Put your right hand up!

"I'm hungry...Mind if I eat your dress?"

Oh, I almost are a few pictures that I took of Avery this morning...she looked so pretty in her new dress. I couldn't resist!

What a great day!!


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