Monday, July 23, 2012

Rolling over

This morning Meg and I were sitting on the floor talking and watching Avery play on her activity mat. All of the sudden, Avery rolled over!!! It was awesome!

She rolled over a second time while visiting our friend Taralyn and her daughter Violet.

I tried to catch it on video..(I came really close a couple of times)...BUT unfortunately I failed.

I'll try again tomorrow! Until then, feel free to waste a few minutes of your life watching Avery try to roll over! Be sure to check out Avery's new toy...we bought her the Kick and Play piano playmat. She absolutely LOVES it!

This first video is a little long (roughly 4 minutes), but Avery makes numerous attempts and the dogs are annoying (I mean humorous).

This is the special treatment one deserves on such a monumental day...too bad I was about 30 seconds too late with the camera and missed the giggle!

This is my favorite video...I love when she smiles and talks!

It's hard to believe that less than one week ago she was just starting to discover her hands. She then learned to grab and put things in her mouth. Now, she's rolling over. *Sigh*...this kid is going to be in college before we know it!

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