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What should Avery call me?

Tonight, Megan was reading the Different Dragon to Avery. In the story, the little boy has two moms. One of the moms is referred to as "Go-ma."

As Megan was reading the story I couldn't help, but laugh. (Sometimes I think I have a problem) Seriously though, I just couldn't stop thinking about all of the times people have asked Meg and I what Avery will call us.  While we fully intend to let Avery make that choice, I told Meg that I was going to start telling people the most absurd name I could think of...just to see their reactions! (As Meg continued to read, I interjected a few possibilities!)

You see, I have found that you can INSTANTLY tell whether people like/approve of the name you have chosen for your child based on how they respond. If they like it, they smile and say, "That's a great name." or "Pretty." If they're unsure or flat out hate it, they fake a smile and say, "Oh. That's different." or "I've never heard of that name before."

So...I figured the same could be said for alternative names for mom.

Here are the names I tried out tonight...

Sloth (so that when Avery's friends come over to play I can say "Hey, you guys!" Sloths are also my favorite animal so this name has an added bonus)

Bertha (I'm not really sure why I like this one, but it makes me laugh)

God (Megan said that I wasn't allowed to joke about this one because it is inappropriate.)

Dykee (My beautiful wife suggested this one. It has a lovely ring to it. Don't you think?)

YO MAMA (Not my favorite, but it did provide a few laughs as several yo mama jokes ran through my head...ah...I can see it now..."yo mama's so fat. She sat on a rainbow and skittles popped out."

Beast (I LOVE this one...imagine Avery talking to a boy and saying, "I don't know if you should come over. Beast might be home!")

As of right now, it's a toss up between Sloth and Beast. have a better suggestion???


  1. I think I am Partial to Bertha.its funny has an interesting ring/weird mom reference to it.... lol although Sloth and Beast are close seconds. Beast might be home.. oh my gosh Im peeing in my pants right now. what about J-Mo lol like J-Lo Jen Mom.? lol


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