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2 month checkup

Today was Avery's 2 month checkup...prior to leaving the house Meg and I made bets about how much we thought she would weigh and how long we thought she would be.

Just for the record, Meg guessed 10 lbs 8 oz and 22 inches. I guessed 11 lbs 5 oz and 22.5 inches.

Our appointment was scheduled for 9:30. The nurse took us into a room around 9:40. She told us that the scale was broken so they would do Avery's measurements at the very end. In the meantime, she asked us to undress Avery. We waited and waited and waited (there was some sort of problem with a 1 week old baby)

Around 10:10 Dr. D finally came in. Avery was fast asleep! Before waking her up he asked us a lot of questions about her development: (Is she moving her head from left to right? Can she follow your eyes? Is she smiling? Is she making noises? Can she lift her head for short periods of time? Is she less wobbly?) After ranting and raving about our perfect little girl the doctor asked us to place her on the table.

Her eyes opened immediately and she gave us a huge smile. Dr. D said we are very lucky (I think that's an understatement!). He said everything looked perfect.

We then quickly switched to the other room to use the scale. Ready for this...

Avery weighed 11 lbs 8 oz and measured 23 inches...I guess I should have bet Meg for real!!!

When we went back into our original room it was time for the nurse to administer Avery's vaccines...She started with the rotavirus vaccine. It was given orally, so Avery didn't seem to mind. She warned us that it is a live virus and that we need to wash our hands thoroughly so as to not infect ourselves. Other than that, the doc said Avery will poop the vaccine/virus out over the next 5-7 days. He said she may appear to have a tummy ache and loose bowels, but it will protect her from severe dehydration down the line should she pick up a stomach bug.

As far as the shots go, they combined the Pneumococcus, DTAP (diptheria, tetanus, and pertusis), and the Hib vaccines into 2 shots. Avery whimpered after the first shot. When they administered the second shot on the same leg Avery let out a pretty powerful scream. Fortunately, she calmed down the minute Meg picked her up. We strapped her into her car seat and she smiled the entire way home...well almost.

She fell asleep about a minute before we pulled up to the house, so we took her straight upstairs to her crib. She only slept for 35 minutes. When she woke up, we fed her a bottle, cuddled for a bit, played on the carpet and then put her up for another nap. I guess the tylenol knocked her out because she slept for a good 2 hours.

When we brought her downstairs, she was inconsolable. She wouldn't drink her bottle. Her leg was swollen and red and she had blotches/hives on her arms and legs.

It was awful. We couldn't give her more tylenol, so we tried ice. That only made her scream more. We expected some irritability and sleepiness, but this was too much (especially for Avery...the kid barely cries)

We called the doctor. He didn't seem concerned. He just said that this was Avery's reaction to the shots. He said to continue with the tylenol (originally we were supposed to give one last dose at bedtime and then start again tomorrow morning).

Avery spent the last few hours sleeping on my lap. In that time, the redness at the injection site decreased (it's now turning black and blue) Meg just gave her another dose of tylenol and is now feeding her another bottle. Avery seems to be in better spirits, but I have a feeling it's going to be a long night.

Oh, I guess I should say that I didn't cry while Avery received the shots...(I even watched them go in). I did; however, cry when Avery was screaming in discomfort. I tried to hide it, but Meg turned around and caught me. It was embarrassing!

That's all for now...Avery is in the process of having diarrhea for the third time. Jealous?!


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