Monday, July 2, 2012


Seeing that I'm so inconsistent with blogging, I'm fairly certain that most of the Wiegand Writes followers have abandoned ship. For those of you whom are still interested, the following is a blog of about our most recent adventures...

Yesterday Meg and I took Avery to Manahawkin, NJ. We spent the day at our friends' friend's house. We laughed and joked while Avery napped and played with her boyfriend (Jack).

The best part, aside from meeting new friends and the beautiful view, was that Avery was finally able to rock her bathing suit...(It was the first thing I bought for Avery when we found out she was a girl)

I even managed to convince Meg to let me dip Avery's feet in the pool! Here are some pictures from our fun day:

Today my friend from college drove up to meet Avery. She made Avery the most beautiful wall art/sign...(I had commented on another friend's sign and said I was jealous) She even helped hang it...I never knew I had such talented friends!

Here are some pictures from today's photo shoot and Avery's playdate with Jade...

Avery's hair is out of control! She has two tufts on the top that look ridiculous! She's lucky that she's so beautiful and can pull it off! People would laugh at me if I went out looking like that!

The last two things to report are that my brother (Avery's Uncle) finally held Avery! Here are the pictures to prove it...

Lastly, tomorrow is Avery's 2 month birthday...more pictures to come!


  1. We are still here and we love the updates, no matter how sporadic they are. You have every reason to back off on the blogging, but your followers will stick around! You girls all look great!

    1. Thanks for the love!!! I'm glad you decided to stick around!!!