Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Success! (3rd time rolling over caught on video)

Avery woke up early again this morning. We left her to talk in her crib until it was an acceptable time to wake up.

When we went into her nursery (around 6am), we found her spun around in her crib, lying half on her side and half on her belly (still swaddled).

We changed her diaper (apparently she thinks it's fun to poop every morning and wake herself up!), ate breakfast, watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and set her down on her blanket.

She was only on her blanket for about a minute before she started trying to roll over...she moved to her belly fairly easy. It was the second arm that frustrated her. The fact that she was about 10 minutes away from her nap didn't make it any easier.

The best part was that the batteries in our flipcam started flashing red and died seconds after Avery rolled over!

Enjoy! (I'll post a happier video later when Avery perfects the art of rolling over!)

1 comment:

  1. Yay! EJ gets SO close! I watch her and start flexing whatever muscle it is you need to roll over, but no dice. Hopefully she'll catch up soon--Avery is adorbs!