Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2 months

Today is Avery's 2 month birthday!

To celebrate Avery woke up with a goopy eye, spit up on her onesie(s), knocked back a few bottles, pooped twice (before lunch time), napped, and took lots of pictures!

Here are the ones worth sharing:

Trying to sit up...she looks cute and chubby in the first picture, but the third is my favorite! (naturally!)

Hanging out on the floor...not only is she a happy little girl, she's a genius...seriously...check out how she counts to 3!

Random shots...I especially like the ones where I tormented the dogs! (minus the fact that Avery looks scrunched)

Happy 2 month birthday baby girl!


  1. Looks like our girl knows what her favorite number is too! :) Happy 2 month old birthday to my gorgeous niece you make 2 months old look pretty damn good. Go girl!

  2. Happy monthaversary! And I am going to have to get our doxies into some baby photos--they seem to spend most of their time looking forlorn on the couch...