Monday, July 16, 2012

Better Day

Avery had a better day today:

1. Her naps were longer. This could be due to the fact that she is learning to put herself to sleep OR it could just be the fact that I sat in her room for almost an hour during her first nap...I observed every move and I came to the conclusion that Avery desperately needs help transitioning into a deep sleep. She can't nap longer than 45 minutes-1 hour because she consistently wakes herself up (when her body jolts).

I also found that the "shh-pat" method (you know the one I attempted to master yesterday) is too distracting for Avery. It almost felt as if I was waking her up. So, instead, I applied a little pressure to her arm (kind of like when you hold a baby). It must have been just enough because she
calmed down. I removed one hand at a time and voila...she was asleep!

Avery fussed a little during her second nap (she wasn't crying...more like grunting to get out of her swaddle) but she eventually put herself to sleep and slept for over 2 hours.

2. Her burps were relatively easy to get out using the Avent bottle.

3. She did not spit up until I came up with the brilliant idea to switch back to the Dr. Brown's bottles...I had an epiphany while watching Avery sleep...I thought that maybe we just needed to switch her to a faster Dr. Brown's nipple...I figured if she was sucking too hard then she would inhale too much air, thus causing extra gas.

WRONG! Meg tried it. We don't know if the nipple was too fast (she didn't choke), but Avery was insanely difficult to burp. She legitimately cried and eventually spit up what appeared to be a gallon worth of formula.

4. She was happy. She watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (it's become part of her morning ritual. She has breakfast and watches 23 minutes of pure entertainment!), played on her activity mat and talked A LOT!

5. BUT, she didn't poop.

I searched several stores looking for baby probiotic drops. Several people recommended them to us...apparently they help regulate everything. I failed to deliver, so Meg had to run to Walgreens.

We're hoping the drops work soon and that Avery wakes up AFTER she poops not during (because she is pain)!

BONUS: Avery has just about discovered her hands. She's been sucking on them for a while now. She's also been holding toys and most recently putting them into her mouth. She reaches to touch our faces and to "pet" the dogs if they happen to walk's fun!


  1. If you end up using the Biogaia drops from Walgreens again I have found them to be cheaper online.

    1. I just saw your other comment about the probiotics you found at whole foods..we go there all of the time, so that might be our next move (after the biogaia drops run out)

      Have you noticed a difference between the 2 brands? How much did the udo's cost?

      Where did you find the biogaia online?

      YOU'RE AWESOME...just sayin..

  2. I prefer the Biogaia drops. But there has not been a huge difference. The boys just seem to respond to them a bit more. However, with two boys both taking the probiotics, we went with the cheaper option at the moment. The Biogaia drops cost about $22 (online) for 25 servings where the Udo's Choice cost about $15 for 75 servings. There is a huge price difference.