Monday, April 9, 2012

OB appointment and overall update

Today marks 37 weeks 5 days. We have approximately 15 days until Avery's due date!!! Megan is feeling extremely crampy today. She is also experiencing some pressure "down there."

At the OB appointment, we found out that Meg gained 3 pounds since our last visit...This brings her total weight gain to 23 lbs (there were a few weeks where she maintained and/or lost weight)

It took the technician a few seconds to find Avery's heartbeat. I probably would have been freaking out had we not felt her move in the car. Fortunately, she was hanging out on the left side and holding steady in the 130's (apparently they noted Meg's chart that Avery is usually on the right) She's not even born yet and she's already proving to be a stubborn little ram!

The doctor came in and asked us if we had any concerns. Meg told her about the cramping and diarrhea. She said that it sounded promising and that the human body does amazing things when preparing for child birth.

She performed an internal exam on Meg and said that Meg's cervix is not quite opened, but she could feel Avery's head pushing down.

I asked her if she could pull Avery out. She laughed and, of course, said, "No." She then said that everything is progressing just as it should be and looks perfect! Oh! She also said that she is predicting Avery to be a 7-7.5 lb baby.

I told her that I predict that Megan will go into labor this weekend (Both Megan's family and my family have plans to be out of town).

She laughed and said she is working in the hospital this weekend and would see us there! Before she closed the door, she winked and said, "Stranger things have happened."

Come on Avery!!!


  1. Hi! Just added myself to your blog after reading your posts since you started trying. Feel a bit stalkerish, I have to admit. Anyway, my partner and I are 8 days post first IUI. We are so excited, and feel positive. Thanks for blogging all of this. It makes me feel like we aren't the only two girls in the world trying to make a nugget! Congratulations!!

    1. I LOVE new friends, so stalk away! I can't believe you just finished your first IUI...feels like forever ago, yet I can still remember it clearly (probably because I blogged about EVERYTHING!) I sincerely hope you both have beginners luck! Congratulations on starting the process. It's an emotional rollercoaster, but totally worth it! Now I'm going to be anxious to hear from you in addition to being anxious about Avery's anticipated arrival!

      lol, so how are you feeling?

  2. Completely anxious! I am a teacher and I have been having the hardest time focusing! I will be up there teaching and my mind completely drifts to baby thoughts. We test next Monday, so I will keep you posted!

    1. Meg and I are both teachers! What do you teach? Good luck! Keep yourself busy these next few days...they are certain to drag!

  3. I teach fifth grade. We are getting close to state testing (starts next week) and between the two I am a ball of nerves! We took an ept last night and this morning, both BFN, but it is only day 10. I am really hoping for a positive tomorrow or Saturday. We have noticed a lot of "symptoms," but I am really hoping we weren't just reading too much into every little thing :-/

  4. Keep us updated!!!! We are so excited for you guys!!!!