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Update (38 weeks 5 days)

I know. I know. It's been a while. I'm sorry for leaving all of you on the edges of your seats. To ease your minds, I'll start by telling you that we're still without child.

Here's what you missed...

Meg left work early on Wednesday because she felt "weird"-she experienced lower back pain and some cramping. Essentially, she just didn't feel like herself. We thought Avery was getting close, but nothing progressed.

Meg stayed home on Thursday because she still wasn't feeling right. She actually had a few contractions in the middle of the night (the ones that start in your back and radiate to the front) Naturally, we thought that was it, but again, nothing progressed.

By Friday morning, Meg was throwing up and was insanely emotional. She had warned me about the hormones at the end of pregnancy a while back, but nothing could have prepared me for them.

While I'm not proud to admit this, I went through half of the alphabet making up nasty names for Megan because, well, calling her "Negative Nancy" lost the effect. (*NOTE* If you know someone who is pregant, please take my advice and refrain from using any of the following names: Angry Abigail, Bitchy Bertha, Crabby Carol, Debbie Downer, Emotional Erin, Frantic Fran, Grumpy Gina)

After a long talk and hard lesson learned (for me) we finally made it to Happy Hannah. All jokes aside, Meg (and I) became really frustrated with the lack of progress, so much that we spent the entire weekend walking around.

Today we reached single digits on our pregnancy calendar countdown (I guess they don't count the actual day because it's really 10 days until April 25th) We sat down with our breakfast and started reading our 38 week email from babycenter (ya, we're a little late) It started talking about counting kicks and we both looked at one another. We had never had to before because Avery has always been so active, but when we tried to think back to the last time we felt Avery we realized that it had been a long time. Needless to say, we called the OB.

Avery did start to move a little bit while Meg was on the phone, but the doctor told us that it was better to be safe than sorry. SO, we headed to the hospital.

Meg had to sign a few forms (registration) before we could head to triage. By the time that was finished, the security guard opened the doors and we were greeted by a very nice nurse (who had been expecting us).

She asked Meg a bazillion questions and then hooked her up to a fetal monitor (two circles were strapped to Meg's belly) It monitored Avery's heart rate and her movement.

We had to sit in the room for a little over an hour. Meg watched HGTV and I panicked every time Avery's heart rate fell off the chart (apparently that can happen because it's hooked up externally). We both felt relieved when Avery started moving all over the place.

Then the nurse came in to say she was going to call the doctor. At this point, I was freaking out because she didn't really let on as to why she was calling the doctor. She came back a few minutes later and said that the doctor wanted her to perform an internal exam to make sure Meg wasn't dilated (she wasn't). She said the house obstetrician would be in to discharge us.

He said that Avery looks fantastic and that he'll hopefully see us back in a few days when Meg goes into labor. Oh, he also said that Meg needs to call the doctor tomorrow and let them know if Avery's movement has increased/decreased and to follow up with our OB on Tuesday (our next scheduled appointment)

It was a scary, long day, but all is well. I think at this point, it's safe to say that Meg and I are over the waiting game. We're both tired of hearing people say, "She's not ready yet." "It will happen when it's supposed to." "You look lower." "I think it's going to happen soon."

While we appreciate everyone's opinions, this is our first time and we really have no idea what to expect. Prior to feeling her first Braxton Hicks contraction, Meg and I were content with waiting until 40 weeks. Now, every symptom/sign has been amplified and well, they just get our hopes up.

So, we're just going to take things day by day and enjoy our time together because, as so many of you have said, "It will happen when it's supposed to." (Please don't tell us that it's good we are spending time together now because we won't have time when she's born. That's just annoying!)

I promise...I'll do a better job of keeping you up to date (especially if something really does happen!) Until then, enjoy the warm weather!


  1. Go. buy. lavender oil. NOW! LoL - I gave our lavender oil bath salts (must be lavender oil) to a pregnant lady at my work - she had her daughter the next day. So that's 3 people who have gone into labor within HOURS of taking a lavender oil bath. What can it hurt to try? Find a local store that will custom mix you some bath salts with oil, ask for extra lavender...then go home and soak!

    We know what you mean, we were so dang antsy for him to come - fortunately for us we didn't have all that extra braxton hicks and contractions business.

    1. We're convinced that all of the natural ways to induce labor only work when the baby is ready...believe me, we tried a ton of them this weekend.

      I guess if we get desperate and it starts looking like Meg might go late we'll give it a try.

      Otherwise, we're going to give Avery 9 days!

  2. Oooh ooooh ooooh, let me dole out some unsolicited (but trust me, good) advice: SLEEEEEEEP during early labor. Instead of staying up all night in pure excitement and anticipation. Labor realllllly starts to suck after hour 72 of no sleep.

  3. No advice here, just... Welcome to hell! :) And prepare for way more than 9 days. I was fine until the due date and even though I had been telling myself that it's just a guess and of course the kid could wait 2 more weeks after it with no concerns as soon as we hit that magic day I turned into a big, whiny mess, which is pretty much how I've been for a week now. But as long as she's healthy in there, there's not much you can do about it! At least you're not alone?

    1. Oh No!!! I hope for your sake it happens soon! Did they set a date to induce you?

      We go to the OB tomorrow. I'm hoping by some miracle that Meg is at least 1 cm dilated (not that it still couldn't take weeks from that point!)

      It would just be nice to know we're heading in the right direction!

  4. Ugh nothing worse than hearing"spend all your time time together now because you wont have that after the baby is here" or my favorite... "sleep now while you can" - Makes me kinda want to punch people. :)

    The sleep during early labor advice is smart though... hard to do, due to your excitement level but smart to say the least.

    Our babies were conceived with the well knowing thought THAT sleep would be interrupted for possibly years and that we would have 115% responsibility for another life AND that our spousal relationship would probably have to become a balancing act. YES. WE GET THIS.

    Nothing was worse than getting advice from moms who had unplanned (some unwanted) babies. We (and I mean you and Meg as well) CHOSE this baby far in advance. We don't need a break (as often as some people think) and we don't NEED the alone time (as often as most couples) because we had years together before the baby and now we are choosing to become a family of 3. :::sigh::: some people don't understand....

    I will say... Kerry and I obviously didn't plan for all my after birth issues and therefore didn't plan for much help. But our families stepped up, because that's what families do. It definitely was a learning curve having to balance house chores and baby needs... We figured it out pretty quick (and I'm sure you two will too) but as a two mom family I found it important that Kerry take part in as much baby time as I did. I was nervous for her NOT to fulfill the stereotypical "father" role and do all the chores and heavy lifting while I sat in the glider feeding the baby and changing him all day long. After I was able to move about I really tried to give her alone time (and still do) with the baby... because after all, I have no clue what it is like to be "the other mother" (yet).

    Sorry for my story. the baby is ACTUALLY sleeping so I had some time. lol

    Goodness Avery needs to show her pretty little face already!

    1. I completely appreciate everything you said. We are totally ready and you're absolutely right about the learning curve!

      I think Meg gets apprehensive because I continually say that she will know what to do (because she works with babies). Indirectly I put pressure on her. What she doesn't realize is that I completely anticipate learning some things together. I do not expect her to know everything. That's why we did this TOGETHER. We have always made a great team.

      I think far too often people forget or fail to acknowledge the preparation it took for us to start a family. It's not easy. Some of them (not all) take it for granted.

      As far as the spending time together goes, Meg and I have fun grocery shopping. People say that it will be different, and I'm sure that it will. Again, what they fail to realize is that we can't wait for it to be different!

      Like you, we have family members that will support us and give us a reprieve when we need a few hours of sleep here and there OR even just a lunch date out.

      How are you feeling by the way?

      Oh, and being the other mother isn't that bad. People act as though it's so hard. I think as long as the biological mom is supportive and incorporates the "other mom" in everything, it's fairly easy. I've been to every single appointment and feel very much a part of this journey. Meg is so good at voicing the fact that Avery is just as much my daughter as she is hers. I love her so much for that!

      Ugh!!! I can't wait! She needs to come out already!

    2. We love food shopping together! I recently told Jack to move over because there wasn't enough room in the cart for all our food and him. HA! He smiled too. This kid cracks me up!

      Kerry feels the same way about being the other mother as you do. She (like you) also was VERY much involved in every little tiny aspect of planning, preparing, and now mothering. Straight couples don't always understand this and consistently tell me "how lucky" I am to have Kerry do so much with/for Jack. I generally look at them perplexed and say "well this is her kid too." :) I wish I had two moms. :)

      I'm feeling a lot better. Thanks for asking. Yesterday I went to the doctor (again) because the pain was excruciating. The swollen lymph nodes had become so swollen and the antibiotics weren't responding. The doctor put a needle right in the heart of the lump (I thought I saw the light!) and said it would numb me (It didn't do anything). About a minute later, he sliced it open to relieve the liquid. I must be SO grossing you out! I'm sorry. It hurt like death, I screamed and cried yet by the time I left (10 minutes later) it was beginning to feel better. I can now put my arm down, lol. It's still ugly and feels very sore (like a nasty cut) but I'm no longer feeling like death. PHEW. I asked what causes this and he said it could be bacterial or viral. So yea, no "real" answer. They took a culture of it and I have to return on Friday. My sister told me I get the weirdest infections. I wish my body would stop being so angry with me since I had Jack! My goodness! Enough is Enough already!

      Going to get my blood checked today at the doctor who has me on injections for my stupid rare blood disorder. Hoping he tells me I can stop the injections SOON.

      How did your appointment go this morning?

    3. I'm so sorry that I never saw your comment! I'm glad you are feeling better, but am so sorry you had to endure such pain!

      Hopefully you are through the worst of everything!


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