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Birthday wish, 37 week photos and maternity photo sneak peak

For those of you who don't know me, today is my birthday. My only wish was for Meg to go into labor. I gave Avery a pep talk early this morning and Meg tried to use "brain control" to will her to make an appearance. We even took a long walk. All she gave us was some cramping and overall uncomfortableness!

I was born at 7:33pm, so technically my wish still could come true. BUT, I think it's pretty safe to say that I will be heading back to work tomorrow (I had off all week for Spring Break, so it's going to be rough).

While I am deeply disappointed, I am trying to remember that Avery is happy and healthy inside Meg's belly. That being said, I am determined to enjoy the rest of my birthday (and Easter).

Thank you to my friends and family for making today special (I loved all of the texts, emails, and birthday wishes on my facebook wall). Thank you, mom, for making me an organic breakfast, dinner AND awesome birthday cake!

Thank you, Megan, for trying everything you could possibly think of to make my birthday wish come true. I still think you should have tried lunges, but that's just me. (kidding!)

And now for the fun stuff...Here are Meg's 37 week photos and a few of our maternity pictures. I'll post more when we receive them.

Avery is 19 inches (the length of Swiss Chard)!

Let me preface the maternity pictures by telling you that we took over 300 shots and were outside for 3 hours in the freezing cold. It was windy and misting. Our hair was blowing everywhere and I couldn't get my nose to stop running. So are a few pictures of Megan and I. The first one is, by far, my favorite (Avery was actually moving!)

Here are some of the best pictures of Meg...

This picture took a long time to perfect, but it is definitely one of my favorites!

I will post an update tomorrow afternoon after our OB appointment!


  1. Happy Birthday and great photos! You guys are awesome! Enjoy Easter! Thanks for sharing your journey!

  2. Aww...I love the rain boots! Such cute pictures! Also--way too early for baby to show up! She needs to bake a little longer.

  3. Thanks so much! It's not too early! She's full term! 38 weeks this week. We only have 15 days! She needs to come NOW!

  4. The pix look so awesome! I'm so happy for you two! You look so happy! :o) Best of luck with everything! Avery will be such a lucky little girl to have such loving moms! Great pix, Paff!

    <3 Amy "J"

  5. Pictures are great! I love the one where each of you does half of the heart on her belly!

    Lavender Oil. That's all I gotta say for inducing labor. We had it mixed in bath salts. It induced my sis n law and us both within 7 hours of a bath in it.

  6. Thanks so much! Lavender oil, huh? Might have to invest!


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