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38 week and 39 week photos...

I just realized that I posted an update from our last OB appointment on facebook, but failed to update many of you...

The appointment went well, but Meg still hadn't dilated. Apparently morbidity rates increase the further you get from the due date, so the doctor said she would induce Meg by May 3rd. 

We're still holding onto the hope that Avery will come within the next 3 days. We go back to the OB tomorrow, so cross your fingers for some progress...

Here are Meg's 38 and 39 week photos...

Last week (38 weeks), Avery was the length of a leek (over 19.5 inches!) She weighed roughly 6.8 lbs.

At 39 weeks, Avery is the weight of a mini watermelon. She is approximately 20 inches long and a little over 7 lbs.

Meg is doing well. She handles people telling her that she doesn't look 9 months pregnant in stride and is determined to work up until her due date! Her sciatic nerve pain has made sleeping more difficult. Her feet are a little swollen and she is becoming more and more uncomfortable by the day (She raids my closet on a daily basis for t-shirts because she claims that her shirts aren't fitting well these days). People keep telling her she looks lower, but nothing seems to happen, so who knows. Megan's hormones make her very sensitive, but overall she is in good spirits. 

Today she told me that she is looking forward to being able to breathe again (Avery likes to hang out and kick her in the ribs). 

This Wednesday marks 40 weeks. Avery will be the weight of a small pumpkin. I'm not going to be able to find a pumpkin this time of year, so lets hope that Avery greets us before then! 

Keep you posted about tomorrow's appointment!


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