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Update (40 weeks!)

Avery must have sensed our frustration because she gave Meg some bleeding this morning. Doc said congrats and that it's one of the earliest signs of labor...The only problem is that it could still take hours, days, or even a week before Avery actually comes...

Meg was still dilated about 1 cm and was 50% effaced. They moved our next OB appointment to Monday (it was originally scheduled for Tuesday)

Here is a list of the natural induction methods we tried:

Bouncing on an exercise ball
Wall squats with exercise ball
Circles with exercise ball
Swinging on a swing (We both felt motion sick!)
Bumpy car ride
Spicy food (buffalo chicken pizza for lunch!)
Lavender oil bath (the guy at GNC told us to "behave and be careful"...awkward!)

Time will tell...interesting fact..tomorrow is technically Avery's due date if you follow the leap year schedule! 


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on the first step to meeting Avery. She is going to be in your arms very soon!!! I still think she is going to enter the world Saturday!!!

  2. C'mon Avery! There's lots of people that want to see your beautiful face!! :)

    1. We're getting closer (but still so far!) Guess she likes being the center of attention and wants to really make an entrance!


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