Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine's Day surprises!

Sorry, I'm a little behind...yesterday was Day 10. Meg's surprise was a mini rose plant and a note saying, "Day after day, minute after minute, my love for you continues to grow."

Today is Day 11. I could barely sleep because I was so excited! (I suck at keeping surprises from Meg, so this one was extremely difficult for me...)

I found a Valentine's Day fortune cookie box. I bought a heart shaped puzzle, colored it and wrote a "fortune" on it (more like a message, but whatever!)

I paired the puzzle and fortune cookie box with a note saying, "I am "fortune"ate to have you in my life."

Meg was so excited to put the puzzle together this morning:

When she finished the puzzle she asked if I would tell her where we were going. I told her that we are taking a mini vacation...we're heading to a hotel near the Jersey Shore. We're going to hit the premium outlets on the way down and then relax before our dinner reservation. We're both so excited!!!

Meg decided to give me my Valentine's Day gifts this morning...(she couldn't wait!!!)

A picture frame/dry erase board stating why she loves cute! (I'm actually mad that I didn't think of it!!!) We're going to take turns writing on it!

Inside the yellow bag was a "3" charm and a necklace. I used to have one in college and have wanted one ever since Meg got pregnant...Why you ask???

It was my basketball number, so naturally it's my favorite number. It's also a prime number (I love Math!) It took us 3 times to get pregnant with Avery and it symbolizes Meg, Avery, and I.

What a nice surprise!!!

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