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30 weeks/OB appointment

Meg and I woke up early today to head to our OB appointment. Meg has gained 2 lbs since her last appointment (two weeks ago). Apparently at this point, you should be gaining between a half a pound to a pound each week, so she's right on target. Her blood pressure was great (low as usual) and Avery's heartbeat was in the 130s.

We met the 6th doctor in the practice (we've now officially seen them all) He was fantastic! After measuring Meg's belly, he looked at me and asked if I wanted to feel the baby's head. I was a little caught off guard, but jumped at the opportunity. He pushed on Meg's belly and had me put my fingers in place of his. He had me push down lightly (so I could feel Meg's belly) He then pushed my fingers down harder until I could feel her little head. Don't worry! I won't be trying that again on my own. It was kind of creepy!

He then took his hands and cupped them around Meg's belly (picture trying to touch your pointer finger to the other pointer finger and your thumb to thumb so that it makes a circle around the baby). He had us observe how his right hand was almost perfectly vertical and his left hand was slightly curved (like a C). Apparently, Avery's back was pressed up against his right hand (making it flat) and her legs (think fetal position) were pressed up against his left hand (making a c shape)

From this little experiment he was able to tell us that Avery is in the perfect position (her head is down). Pretty cool, right?

The doctor mentioned that the leap year is throwing off our due date. The computer says April 25th, but the calendar wheel says April 26th. He said, "It's not really a big deal. She'll come when she wants to come."

We have two more 2 week appointments and then we start going every week. It's crazy how close we are getting!

Here are Meg's 30 week photos (though we are closer to 31 weeks than 30) Avery weighs as much as a head of cabbage...3 lbs!


  1. Weird, huh? I found Prosper's butt the other day and it was totally bizarre to know that that's what I had my hand on. It's so soon now! :)

  2. Monica, she's soooo big! I can't wait to see her!

    Isa, when are you due again? (I have a HORRIBLE memory!)


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