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31 week photos and a special congrats!

For starters, Meg and I would just like to congratulate our friends Kathleen and Julie on the birth of their daughter, Adalyn (soon to be one of Avery's best friends!) She's absolutely adorable! We're very happy to report that everyone is doing well!

I think Meg is officially freaked out though! She is 32 weeks this Wednesday and is getting bigger by the minute. She's sleeping more comfortably now that she's changed rooms at work (she's no longer chasing 1-2 year olds around all day. Instead she's playing with the babies!) BUT...the impending delivery is causing her some angst.

Avery is fantastic. She hiccups regularly, which is oddly amusing. On one hand we feel bad and wish we could make them stop, but on the other hand, we can't help, but think that they are the cutest thing in the world (added bonus, they help develop her lungs!)

We're reading Dr. Seuss books all week in honor of his birthday (last night we read Green Eggs and Ham). Meg swears that Avery loves when I read because she starts moving right away. Apparently she also likes when I sing (I was jamming out to some Sandy and Danny Grease action last night) says that Avery was just moving to cover her ears!

lol, probably makes more always said that she encouraged me to play the saxophone because I couldn't sing and play at the same time!

Anyhow, here are Meg's 31 week photos:

Avery is the weight of 4 navel oranges (about 3.3 lbs)

Bonus picture: Meg's "To do list"...Reason 1,579,900,831 why I love her!!!!


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